How to Fix Exhaust Pipe Without Welding

Is your car’s exhaust pipe damaged?  That is why you are probably looking for a way to fix the exhaust pipe of your car. You know, with a few tools, you can repair an exhaust pipe alone.  

Yes, you heard right. But, besides that, you can solve this problem without any heavy equipment or welding. And, driving without exhaust pipes is very deadly.

So if your pipe is damaged, it should be fixed quickly. Since you can fix the exhaust pipe without any welding, it requires proper guidelines and necessary tools.  

In addition, to fix the exhaust pipe, you need to read our entire article on how to fix exhaust pipe without welding, collect the following tools and instructions within steps.  

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So let’s take a closure look at what you need to know to fix an exhaust pipe.

Signs of a Damaged Exhaust Pipe 

First of all, you need to know why you have to fix the exhaust pipe. For example, your pipe may be damaged or broken, or there may be some other problem.  

How do you know when to fix a damaged drainage pipe?  Suppose, if there is any damage to your pipe while driving, how can you identify any sign that your pipe is damaged.  

Precisely, you can detect the presence of damage in a moving vehicle if you are aware of those symptoms. So let’s not delay without knowing the symptoms.

Thunderous exhaust 

The first sign of damage for moving a vehicle or exhaust pipe is making excessive loud tapping sounds.  When the exhaust pipe breaks or ruptures, the pipe leaks and makes this type of noise.  

So whenever you heard any loud tapping or hissing sound, you must understand that your exhaust pipe may be damaged. 

The Smell of Raw Gasoline

Another cause of exhaust pipe damage is the smell of crude gasoline from the pipes. When the exhaust pipe leaks, the exhaust fumes enter the car’s cabin and spread a natural odor.  

And, that raw smell of petrol is a sign of pipe breakdown.

The Fuel Power, Acceleration Get Reduced 

The fuel efficiency of the vehicle decreases as a result of exhaust pipe damage. In addition, the leak reduces the car’s power, acceleration, and even fuel efficiency when the pipe leaks.  

Hanging an Exhaust Pipe under the Vehicle 

When the pipe breaks too much or catches a crack, you can sometimes see them hanging under the car. However, if it is lying down when it is broken, you can hear the dragging sound of that pipe while driving, and you will understand that there is a problem with the back of your car.

Materials to Fix Exhausted Pipe

By the time you know the signs of an exhaust pipe, you may have found a problem with your exhaust system.  Now we will know what tools are needed to repair this exhaust pipe.  

Since you can quickly fix your exhaust pipe by using the tools properly without any mechanics or welding. So let’s find out what are the tools:

  1. Gloves 
  2. Goggles 
  3. Wire brush  
  4. Epoxy
  5. Jack stand 
  6. Tape or putty 
  7. Sandpaper 
  8. Patches 
  9. Acetone or Nail polish remover

Step-1: Look for signs of damage

First, you need to find out the problem of the exhaust or drain pipe.  That means you must identify the damage to the pipe. For this, you need to determine the damaged part of your pipe.  

But, you may be wondering how to identify this problem? The answer is, first, park it on a hard concrete surface so that it can easily carry the weight of the car and be safe. 

Next, take enough time to cool the car later. And, make sure the car is cool by constantly touching the hood of your car.  

Step-2: Check out the vehicle from top to bottom 

Later, use a jack stand to check from top to bottom to find the damage to the car. That will keep your car safe, and there will be no fear of falling. Finally, examine the exhaust pipe thoroughly as your car rises to the top through the stand.  

If you have trouble finding the damaged part, you can inspect the entire car.  Notice if there are any cracks.  Finally, again, identify whether all parts of the exhaust pipe are cracked or damaged.

Step-3: Determine the Damage Size 

Now, you need to know whether the damaged part is small or large. Because if there is any symptom in the damaged part in a small area, you should apply adhesive tape to fix that small area.  

But what happened if the leak size is large? First, of course, you can’t fix considerable damage with tape because that repair will not be sustainable.

And, to completely repair that damage, you need to use something sustainable that you can learn by reading the rest of the steps.  

Step-4: Decide the repair way 

Since you have found the damaged pipe area after covering all the above steps, you now need to find a convenient way to fix that part. Unfortunately, rust is a common cause of drainage pipe damage.  

So if the pipe became rusty, then you should replace it. Again, if there is a large hole in the drainpipe, you will need a piece of aluminum to fix it.  After that, the piece has to be sealed with epoxy, and this way, the part will be repaired.

Step-5: Clean off the infected zone

After deciding which way to fix the exhaust pipe, the drainage pipe should be cleaned ultimately.  And you can use a wire brush to clean this. However, to ensure safety, first clean the mud, dirt, or rust outside after wearing protective goggles.  

Next, you remove the remaining dirt to prepare the repair surface with sandpaper. You can take the help of acetone to wipe the pipe, or you can use nail polish remover if you do not have acetone.  

Step-6: Fix the damaged pipe 

And, the final solution to fix it will depend on the size of the damage and which way you select. Small holes or cracks can recover with tape or epoxy, and when the hole is large, you need to use a patch.  

However, patches need to be applied across the entire part to precisely mark the damaged part’s size.  Next, cut the patch in a certain way to match the size. 

If necessary, you can use protective gloves and cut the aluminum to make the ceiling patch. Once the can is cut, recover the entire damaged part with epoxy and adjust the patch. And make sure that there has no leakage left after covering.  

Exhaust tape: If the tape method seems difficult to you or if you have exhaust tape, then with that tape, you can solve the task faster and easier way.  That is why you need to completely cover the affected part with two layers of exhaust tape, and next, you need to make sure that no part of the damage is left open.  

If the whole part is covered in this way, the part of the pipe will fix.  


Since driving without exhaust pipes is very dangerous, repair your pipes quickly if you have them in mind. That is because the harmful gas coming out of the car through the pipe keeps the vehicle safe from various problems. 

So seriously, it is required to fix this problem. However, if you want to fix the exhaust pipe effortlessly without any welding, you can read this article on how to fix the exhaust pipe without welding. 

And then, you can quickly fix the drainage pipe by following the necessary tools described above. Finally, after viewing our complete guideline, you must have realized that no welding power is required to fix the exhaust pipe.

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