Miller Diversion 180 Review for Tig Welders

When you are looking for a tig welder that offers a complete package of performance, quality, and durability, you can go for Miller Diversion 180. 

This sharp and precise cut welder is currently the best choice for any beginner or hobbyist welder with a user-friendly operation interface. You may hear that tig welding is a process that takes a lot of time to finish but creates a beautiful weld at the end of the work, then Miller’s this stuff is the product that magnifies the weld quality many fold.  

This welder comes with many remarkable features that will make your steel welding or aluminum welding work much more accessible. 

Lets cover the ins and outs of this machine for better understand the features, pros and cons.

Miller Diversion 180 Review


  • Brand: Miller Electric 
  • Process: TIG (GTAW)
  • Amperage range: 10-180amp
  • Thickness Range: 22 ga. – 3/16″ 
  • Technology: Inverted Based
  • Weight: 50lbs
  • Weldable metals: Stainless steel, Steel, Aluminum 
  • Input Phase: 1-phase
  • Input Power: 120/220 V, 60 Hz
  • Current Flow: AC/DC
  • Warranty: 3years
miller diversion 180 review

Most welder users look for quality and versatile machine tools before buying a welding machine. And with these qualities in mind, Miller has brought to market an upgraded welder called the Powerful Diversion 160. 

However, this model looks at small and perfect welding. Even if you are a beginner in welding, there is no problem because precise cuts and arcs quality will allow you to use it safely. 

Don’t stop here, its performance and long durability help to make the welding work fascinating. In addition to tig welding, you can also do MIG welding work with this durable welder. This especially combined welder machine is made of highly high-quality material. 

Let’s review the next step to know the unique features of this model of Miller Diversion 180.

Easy to Use

The direction of this welder, which comes with an easy-to-understand set-up operator, makes it easier for any welder. You need to get the machine and select the material and its thickness range to set it up.

And, finally, you are ready for the process of your casting. This machine can be used for any construction work, including repair and maintenance, and production of heavy machinery. And in every case, you can use it very quickly. 

This unit is also made of the finest material and works very well in many sectors, meaning Miller Diversion 180 aluminum welding, rusted, and mild steel. In addition, it is a welder whose work starts very quickly and provides smoothness in the welding work.

MVP (Multi-Voltage Plug)

One of the features of this unit is its dual voltage quality. Miller 180’s outstanding MVP feature will allow you to connect 115v or 230v power. 

Not only that, you can switch these two voltages without any equipment as required. In addition, when the duty cycle of this unit is 30%, its maximum output is 180 amps. You can use it in any welder of AC or DC. 

Using the full power of the Miller 180 welder, you can do the welding work up to 3.5 minutes, and it will take you about 6 to 7 minutes to cool the machine after the welding work is done.

Fan-on-demand function

The automatic fan-on-demand function keeps the welder’s temperature stable whenever the unit with dual voltage power reaches the peak of high temperature. That’s why you don’t have to worry about its safety. 

This cooling mechanism helps your machine to reduce the temperature as well as keep it long-lasting. You will also get an air-cooled torch with this machine to make the welding experience more comfortable. 

Also, this essential cooling feature of the unit will reduce your power consumption and the noise and unwanted particles in the machine. 

Transport Capacity

Most users verify this feature before purchasing a welding machine. You would be surprised that the Miller Diversion 180 unit with such an important feature is only 50 pounds. 

A user can easily port the machine in different places. As a result, you can take it to any remote site if needed for its lightweight capacity. 

Don’t worry about its quality for its lightweight capacity, and the secure inverter Technology may keep your Miller Welder more functional.

Additional Features

After getting to know the special features of the Miller Diversion 180 unit, let us know about its additional features. 

  • The auto post flow feature optimizes the time and removes the need to make a manual adjustment.
  • It offers remote foot control.
  • Advances square wave AC provides a fast freezing weld puddle 
  • This unit can weld many other materials up to 3/16 inches thick.
  • Also, it can be powered by a generator.


  • Great paddle control and arc.
  • It works efficiently. 
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • This unit Offers perfect grip.
  • Deeper penetration


  • Some of you might feel that the cost is a little expensive 
  • Not fit for heavy industrial work.

Final Thoughts

Who doesn’t need versatile welders for their tig or MIG welders? So if you want to buy a machine that fulfills the required features, you can check the diversion welder of Miller. 

While a single machine can provide you with attractiveness, smoothness, and security, you can purchase this tig welder without delay. Above all, we hope the Miller Diversion 180 review has helped you with valuable information to save you from a confusing decision. 

Even though it is relatively expensive, it still offers a lot of performance, functionality, and best quality features compared to other welders.

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