What Is Cold Welding & How Does It Works?

We generally know that welding require heat & melt the metal to make a joint. But if I tell you that welding can be done without heating the base metal, will you be surprised?

Actually it is possible through cold welding. So in this post we are going to cover the cold welding, its process and function.

So take a sit and enjoy the article.

cold welding

What Is Cold Welding?

“Cold” the name justifies the technique. Cold welding is using pressure instead of heat to join two metals together without melting the metal. It is also called contact welding. You just need to apply the pressure through the cold welder (special type of welder) on the metal just by contacting the tip to the metal.

In this process metal is welded while it is in solid phase, no need to molten it. That’s why it is named cold welding. It is the pressure from the welder tip that create a beam on metal surface and cause the surface of the workpiece come together enough.

How Does Cold Welding Work?

Now we know what cold welding is. So, we need to know how it works. In this section, I’m going to explain it. Let’s start,

In a cold welding system, you need to use pressure instead of heat. If you want to join two metals, you need to produce enough pressure to weld perfectly.

This is not so easy. As we know, there are layers in every metal. And layer prevents the metals from being weld. For this reason, you have to remove the layer from the metal.

To remove the layer, you should clean the metal as much as you can. If you can clean and brush the metals at a high temperature, the layer will be removed.

Thus you can perform your cold welding work.

In Which Metals Do You Need Cold Welding?

At this stage, you need to know in which metal’s welding you can use a cold welding system. Let me explain,

The metals you can use cold welding are given below:

  • Aluminum.
  • Copper.
  • Brass alloys.
  • Zinc.
  • Nickel.
  • Silver.
  • Gold.

Advantages Of Cold Welding:

  • No heat-affected zone.
  • It reduces harmful chemicals.
  • It can join dissimilar metals.
  • It can perform strong welding.
  • It is straightforward and easy to perform.

Restriction Of Cold Welding:

  • It is hard to gain.
  • Only parent metal can you use cold welding.
  • The metal layer is hard to remove.
  • We need to clean and brush the metals a smoothly as we can.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is cold welding strong?

the essential advantage of cold welding is that the resultant welds have the same bond strength as the parent material.

What causes cold welding?

The cause for cold welding is the solid, attractive force between two materials with very flat surfaces.

Summary Of The Content:

So, we get all the information about cold welding. We are trying to cover the proper guideline for you. It will help you to do cold welding perfectly.

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