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Welderfind.com is a website that is dedicated to educate and inspire newbies and hobbyists in the passionate job ‘welding‘.

Welding profession is like life for those of us who consider it as rewarding and honorable. It is also a money generating job that’s why in USA many welders earn more than $60,000 yearly.

About Author

James Smith

This is James Smith,

This website “welderfind” is owned by James smith, who is a inhabitant of California, USA. From childhood James has been interested in welding and fabrication. He used to play with his fathers welding machines and accessories in his child days. He learnt the welding basics from his father, who was a professional welder. He used to spent days in garage learning and applying welding tricks and tips.

He attended also into a vocational welding training institute in California GKwelding and learnt modern welding. He used to work on site authored by Michael Magno (project manager) of gkwelding in Richmond, California.

Mickels advanced metals class enabled James and other students to learn welding with art. The weld school and Michel was very helpful and paved the way of James to come this stage.

James now wants to convey knowledge that he achieved from school and his experience. That why this website is created.

James works in different projects and shares his views and welding tricks in his website welderfind.com. He also recommends tools and machines needed to make welding project convenient and comfortable.

It is an endeavor to provide knowledge to welding freaks and make welding work enjoying and fun. James has a plan to take the website to a peak that everyone can find all solutions regarding welding from this website.

If you ever have any queries & questions please feel free to contact us.

Thank You

James Smith