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Welderfind.com is a website that is dedicated to educate and inspire newbies and hobbyists in the passionate job ‘welding‘.

Hello my friends. I am happy that you have come to know more about welderfind. Nowadays we all are obsessed with internet searching and scrolling for information online. Everyday thousands of people search for hundreds and thousands of topic online.

We know few hundreds & thousands search for welding topic also. But can you trust all information online as there are bunch of websites providing information on welding!

That’s the reason we have created this website to help you with information that is authentic, well researched and better solution oriented. We try to provide fresh and updated information in our site so that you face no difficulties in learning welding and applying any technique.

I you have any questions and any queries please contact us at our contact page or just mail us at james smith [at] gmail [dot] com. We will reach you out as soon as possible.

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James Smith

This is James Smith,

This website “welderfind” is owned and managed by me. I am an inhabitant of California, USA. From childhood I have been interested in welding and fabrication and used to play with my fathers welding machines and accessories in my childhood days (my father was a part time hobbyist welder). I have learnt the welding basics, different basic tips & tricks from my father.

I attended into a vocational welding training institute in California GKwelding and learnt modern welding practically. I used to work on workspace owned by Michael Magno (project manager) of gkwelding in Richmond, California.

Mickels advanced metals class enabled me and other students to learn welding with aesthetics. The weld school and Michel was very helpful and paved the way of learning to come to this stage. Now I want to convey my earned knowledge and experience to fellow learners. That’s why I planned this website .

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If you ever have any queries & questions please feel free to contact us.

Thank You

James Smith