Best Welder for Motorcycle Frames

A typical welding machine can’t help you get your work done, especially when you look for the best welder for motorcycle frames because such frames consist of heavy-duty steel.

So today, I’ve shared my top 4 pickings, including which welding method is best, the essential steps on welding motorcycle frames, and so on.

Prime Tig WelderPRIMEWELD TIGPower Source
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TOOLIOM 200A MIG WelderTOOLIOM 200A MIG WelderVoltage
Dual voltage110(120V / 220(230)V
Output Current
Up to 200A output current
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LOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig WelderLOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig WelderPower Source
220 Volts
Special Features
‎Aluminum Welding, Spool Gun Included
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Forney Easy Weld 140 MP, Multi-Process WelderForney Easy Weld 140 MP, Multi-Process WelderPower Source
output voltage range
12 – 23V
output current range
43 – 110A
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4 Best Welder for Motorcycle Frames Reviews

Let’s jump right into the reviews of my selected welders designed for welding motorcycle frames:


Precise, stable, durable, you name it; the PRIMEWELD TIG features almost everything you prefer on a top-notch welder to weld motorcycle frames in the best way possible!

Not only for motorcycle frames, but this son of a gun can weld some other common materials, ensuring optimal versatility. This includes stainless steel, aluminum, and thinner metals.

It gets 225 AMPS and IGBT technology for better precision to ensure reliability. You can run the welder on 220V and 110V to complete your desired projects using a full range of pulses.

What’s more? The weight of this machine appears to be about 90lbs, which makes it a little weighty. And yes, you’ll get lots of free accessories, such as a flex-head CK17 torch, tube, Dinse connector, Superflex hose, etc.

Good Sides

  • Able to deal with multi types of materials
  • Pretty much friendly with 6013 and 7018
  • Features IGBT and Inverter technology for precise welding
  • Offers several essential accessories
  • Durable and long-lasting

Bad Sides

  • A little bit weighty!


With a heavy-duty steel frame, PRIMEWELD TIG ensures excellent durability for its superior build quality.

Why Should One Buy This One

For accurate welding, its IGBT and inverter technology come in handy. Also, you won’t have to spend extra on accessories as the PRIMEWED TIG already has many essential components.

 Why It Is Special

PRIMEWELD TIG is special for its unique technologies, versatility, and compatibility with multiple welding objects.

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I’d like to give it the name “precision king,” guess why? This is because the TOOLIOM 200A MIG Welder features a synergic control system. It’s a parameter designed to select the amp, feed rate, and voltage required based on your material type. Impressive, eh?

And interestingly, it’s ideal for flux MIG, Gas MIG, and Lift TIG, although manufacturers mainly consider it a top-class MIG welder.

Portability matters? No worries, the TOOLIOM has covered you with its 32.6lbs of lightweight design. For added support, you’ll find a specific handle right into its top, designed to let you hold the welder during transportation.

Last, it gives you dual-voltage support, allowing you to weld on 220V and 110V.

Good Sides

  • Impressive design with a lightweight structure
  • A synergic control system enhances ease and precision
  • Able to handle flux core, mild, solid, and basic wires at once
  • Dual-voltage facility to add extra convenience
  • It gives overload protection and a high-class cooling fan
  • Provides a shielding hose, MIG torch, wire brush, and electrode holders additionally

Bad Sides

  • Not the best for durability!
  • Might be a little pricey in this category!


The maker has added steel and plastic components to manufacture the TOOLIOM 200A MIG Welder.

Why Should One Buy This One

 As a beginner, it’s tough to maintain adequate precision during frame welding. In this case, it can help you with its efficient synergic control system.

Why It Is Special

The classic design, portable frame, and synergic control system make the TOOLIOM 200A MIG Welder stand out.

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Can you spend a fortune to get a high-end, long-lasting MIG welder? If so, then rely on the LOTOS MIG175. It offers an optimal welding experience by letting you use it on several materials, like mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and high carbon for motorcycle frames.

Moreover, it’s friendly with multiple welding wires to fill your cup; it doesn’t matter whether it is solid steel, flux cored, or anything else.

To ensure ultimate performance, you will get a MIG torch, spool gun, gas hose, clamp cable, and argon regulator.

But unfortunately, you won’t find it portable as it weights about 85lbs. As a result, the manufacturer has included an extra handle on top of the welder, allowing you to get a solid grip while shifting it from one place to another.

Good Sides

  • Added aluminum feeder ensures a stable welding experience
  • Capable of working with numerous kinds of materials
  • Additionally offers a MIG torch, gas hose, spool gun, and many more
  • Built-in regulators let you control the welder in your way
  • Adjustable with solid, flux cored, and other types of welding wires

Bad Sides

  • Pricey a bit!
  • Issues with portability!


Thanks to the transformer technology, it shows off, ensuring the best durability and reliability. The maker used premium metal and primary material to make it sturdy and long-lasting.

Why Should One Buy This One

LOTOS MIG175 can smoothly deal with any kind of materials you prefer, from motorcycle frames to heavy-duty aluminum. Feel free to spend your bucks on it if performance matters most to you!

Why It Is Special

The outstanding performance, heavy-duty construction, and transformer technology make the LOTOS MIG175 unique and special.

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Forney Easy Weld 140 MP Multi-Process Welder

Let me wrap up the list with a 3-in-1 welder named Forney Easy Weld Multi-Purpose Welder. The easy start-up option it comes with makes the starting process a complete snap; the name speaks for itself!

On top of that, it enables you to perform both TIG, MIG, and stick welding simultaneously. You can control its wire feed rate and voltage without much effort.

And yes, Forney is compatible with gas and gasless wires to maximize your functionalities.

What’s next? I liked its lightweight structure as it comes in only around 24.81lbs. In addition, you’ll get an integrated handle right into the top for added comfort and convenience while transferring the welder from home to the garage.

And no need to spend extras on accessories as it already equips an electrode holder, MIG gun, ground clamp, an adapter of 15A, and many more essential components.

Good Sides

  • A 3-in-1 multi-functional welder
  • Features an easy start-up facility
  • Much lightweight for better portability
  • Includes several accessories for free

Bad Sides

  • I might end up with spattering issues at times!


For added durability, the Forney Welder gets an all-metal frame. As a result, you’ll find it more rigid and long-lasting than the traditional choices.

Why Should One Buy This One

Are you looking for a welder that can perform stick, MIG, and TIG welding simultaneously? If so, you must spend on the Forney Multi-Purpose Welder without thinking twice!

Why It Is Special

 The 3-in-1 welding facility and extremely lightweight structure made the Forney Welder special among beginners and seasoned welders.

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How to Choose The Best Welder For Motorcycle Frames

Choosing the best welder for motorcycle frames means you need to consider a couple of things. Chances are you’ll end up with the worst one if you neglect the following factors:

Power Source

Apart from the vast collection, there are basically 4 major types of welding power sources, including GTA, GMA, SMA, and FCW.

But to be frank, all can’t work the same way to weld your motorcycle frames.

In such a case, I’d suggest relying either on the gas metal arc or gas tungsten arc as they work quite efficiently to weld complex joints and heavy frames.

Duty Cycle

Through the duty cycle, you get an approximate idea of how long your machine can be at a stretch without any rest.

In that case, if your welder features a 300A 20% duty cycle, it indicates that you will be able to weld for up to 2 mins at max amp. Afterward, it’ll require a short rest of about 10 minutes.


Generally, you must utilize a single amp for every .001” material thickness. As motorcycle frames mainly consist of carbon steel/high tensile, make sure to get familiar with their thickness before setting the amperage.


Alongside the welder, pay equal attention to its additional accessories as well. This includes electrodes, filler wires, a wire brush, safety dresses, etc.

Additional Features

Additional features add icing on the cake, especially when you want to get the most out of your metal-frame welding.

So if possible, spend on the welder that features a temperature gauge, current setting guideline, user manual, and such helpful things.


I guess there is no rocket science! Because if a welder serves a long-term warranty facility, you can stay relaxed for an extended period about the servicing and replacement of your machine, isn’t it?

What Type of Steel Is Used for Motorcycle Frames?

When we talk about steel types, there are different types of choices available. Among them, all can’t be suitable for motorcycle frames.

In this case, you should avoid sheet metals as they tend to be light. So I’d suggest getting either carbon steel or high tensile as they’re relatively durable and heavy.

Which Welding Is Best for a Motorcycle Frame?

Among various types of welding methods, TIG welding stands out for its excellent performance, versatility, and reliability as bike steels appear tougher and more complex; Tungsten Inert Gas Welding suits most in terms of joining each frame of your bike together.

Why Are GMA and GTA the Best Welding Process for Motorcycle Frames?

GTA (gas tungsten arc) and GMA (gas metal arc) deserve gold standards when choosing the best welding process for motorcycle frames.

The key reason behind selecting them is that they ensure quality, precision, rigidity, and ease. As a result, anyone can start welding by applying the basic technique. 

How to Weld a Motorcycle Frame: Step-by-Step Guide

Let me tell you that welding a motorcycle frame isn’t a back-breaking job.

However, if you don’t have the basic knowledge, you won’t be able to do that correctly. So let me guide you through the step-by-step guideline:

Step-1: Taking Measurement of the Frame

First, it’s wise to make a detailed plan about your bike frame. For this, I’d suggest precise measurements of every part of the frame, reducing the possibility of mistakes during a weld.

Step-2: Picking a Suitable Spot for Welding

Before you start welding, make sure the spot where you’re going to weld is a thoroughly ventilated area.

Since welding tends to generate excessive gas, suffocation, and heat, you can’t overlook the necessity of selecting the right place.

Step-3: Preparing Your Welding Machine

By taking experts’ suggestions, select the right shielding gas, filler materials, and nozzles to prepare your welding machine thoroughly.

If you’re going to do it for the first time, I’d recommend reading the user manual simply for detailed knowledge.

Step-4: Wearing Safety Costumes

From head to toe, cover yourself with a helmet, face mask, goggles, gloves, welding jacket (opt.), and safety boots.

Thus, you can eliminate the risk of getting injured during motorcycle frame welding.

Step-5: Setting the Frames

Before getting into the welding process, you must set each piece of your motorcycle frame in place. Once it is done, start up the machine straight away.

Step-6: Start Welding the Frames

It’s the right time to start welding the joints you’ve placed in a row. You may have to spend a couple of minutes during the process here.

If you notice any issues regarding the frame adjustment, feel free to shut down your welder and adjust those frames correctly.

Step-7: Observing the Joint Strength

Once you’re done, let’s observe each joint to learn about its strength. After welding every single one, you’re allowed to touch them to ensure they’ve attached perfectly.

Last Words

I tried to give you detailed knowledge through the article on the best welder for motorcycle frames.

Here, I talked about the best steel, the ideal welding method, and my top 4 pickings on the best welder. Now, it is easier for you to decide which one suits you most!


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