Best Tig Torch For Pipe Welding

TIG welding is popular for its careful rate of progress. It is a specialized arc welding machine, and requires a welding head. So, the welding head for an arc welding machine or tig torch is basic for welding. 

The best TIG torches I will include in my review here are mostly different from each other and have varieties. So, not every tig torch has the same goal, and they have strengths and weaknesses, too.

Using the wrong torch can make the welder extremely hot and you will have to spend more time fixing the welder. However, it’s time to present you with the best TIG torches for pipe welding

ProductNameDescriptionLatest Price
Riverweld Tig TorchRIVERWELD WP-17 SR-17 TIG Welding Torch Item Weight
3.84 ounces
17F Flexible Top
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CK17 Air cooled tig torch CK17 Air Cooled TIG TorchItem Weight
3.2 ounces
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Tooliom Tig TorchesTOOLIOM Lift TIG TorchItem Weight
2.57 pounds
For TL-195S/TL-200M
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Forney Tig TorchForney – 85657 9FV TIG TorchCountry of Origin
12. 5’ torch with 3/32” collet and tungsten electrode, size #6 nozzle, 5/8” connector and 36” gas hose
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Hzxvogen Tig Welding TorchHZXVOGEN TIG Welding TorchItem Weight
4.28 pounds
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Our Top TIG Torches for Pipe Welding 

Here, my main priority is introducing you to different welding torches. They all hold good and bad sides, but you must find which one will serve you the best. 

RIVERWELD WP-17 SR-17 TIG Welding Torch Head

The Riverweld WP-17 SR-17 torch head is constructed with durable and high-quality materials suitable for both DIY welding and professional work. The welders who use different machines and brands must be very happy to have WP-17; the torch head is compatible with any TIG welding machine. 

The ergonomic design and lightweight construction reduce operation fatigue during long welding sessions. Also, the flexible neck of this torch head makes it one of the best for pipe welding. 


  • Heat resistant.
  • Withstanding the wear and tear of during welding.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy maintenance


  • Flimsy TIG head.

Why Should One Buy This One

Firstly, it has achieved the trust of a large group of welders and adheres to industry standards. Also, precision welding, fabrication, and pipe welding all in one are covered by this torch head. 

Why It Is Special

The WP-17 SR-17 torch head is compatible with various consumables. The different types of tungsten electrodes, collet bodies, and ceramic cups allow the elderly to adapt to special welding requirements. 

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CK17 Air Cooled TIG Torch Kit

CK17 is popular among welders for its top-notch construction and high-quality service. It fulfills the various welding demands. The torch operates on an air-cooled system; this setup is very simple compared to water-cooled torches. So, it is a more convenient choice for welders. 

This silicone-made torch head makes it versatile for welders; the torch handle provides a comfortable grip and reduces operation fatigue during extended welding sessions. The silicon rubber gives the best protection against high frequency. 


  • Easy access to the tight areas.
  • Air cool design.
  • Increase maneuverability and precision.
  • Durable.


  • No gas valve on handle

Why Should One Buy This One

This torch head includes essential accessories like collet bodies, ceramic cups, and tungsten electrodes to make it a one-stop solution for torch heads. So, you don’t need to go store to store to find the accessories suitable for this torch head. 

Why It Is Special

For me, the air cooling system is very special. In this price range, if you get such a heat-resistant torch head, there is no time to waste. 

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TOOLIOM Lift TIG Torch 150A Air Cooled Welding

The Tooliom offers a maximum amperage rating of 150A, making it suitable for a wide range of light and medium-duty welding projects. This one operates on an air-cooled system, so there is no complexity like the water-cooling system used to hold it. 

This torch utilizes the lift start TIG Initiation method. When the tungsten touch electrode touches the workpiece, the arc is initiated when the electrode is lifted off the surface.


  • Controls the gas flow rate.
  • Air cool design.
  • Well-adjusted with hot temperatures.
  • Longer service Life.


  • Handle gets hot real quick.

Why Should One Buy This One

The straightforward routine maintenance and replacement components are very much available in the market. So it is cost-effective and convenient for welders.  


Why It Is Special

The TOOLIOM TIg torch is more budget-friendly; it is an attractive option for welders to cut costs and do almost any kind of welding. 

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Forney – 85657 9FV TIG Torch

Forney 9FV is made of durable material and ensures longevity. It is good for both professional and DIY welding projects. The torch head is adjustable for any angle of welding and is good for thin martial sheets. 

The air cool featured TIG torch comes with a single flex head TIG torch valve allows stable gas flow on the handle. . It can hold up to 125 AMP with an electrode size of.02- 3/32 inch. You can weld on stainless steel, titanium, magnesium, aluminum and copper.


  • Durable construction.
  • Suitable for different brand welders.
  • Flexible head. 
  • No wear and tear


  • Costly.

Why Should One Buy This One

The Forney 85657 9FV is suitable for many applications on stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, etc. Suitable for both thick and thin sheets. 

Why It Is Special

The brand makes it special; it started its journey 90 years ago and now offers thousands of metalworking products within four categories: welding, personal protective equipment, abrasive, and shop tools. 

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It is designed to handle heavy-duty workloads, heat-resistant handles, and easy access to tight and hard angles. HZXVOGEn TIG welding machine has a gas cooling system, which is good enough. Maximum capacity 140 AMP for 35% DC and 125 AMP for 35% AC.


  • Enhanced adaptability,
  • Subtle control of gas control flow rate.
  • Good for any weather condition.
  • Budget friendly


  • Not compatible with popular welding machine brands


Why Should One Buy This One

The accessories and additional things of this TIG torch give satisfaction. Even it works well on any metal. A flexible head ensures perfect welding on tight angles. 

Why It Is Special

It was born from one of the legendary newcomer companies, HZXVOGEN. Their technological advancement in welding is superb within a couple of years. So, if you stick to it, you will soon embrace the new welding era

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a TIG Torch for Pipe Welding

You already understood that choosing a TIG torch for pipe welding is not a light decision. It was never the expensive ones that had all the features for every arc welder. There are a few things to consider. 

Torch and size design 

You all know smaller torches need access to tight spaces. So, smaller torches are good for tight spaces and pipes. In contrast, larger torches are good for larger diameters of a pipe. 

Torch Cooling Mechanism

 I already know when I say torch cooling mechanism, so I know which cooling system we all should prefer. So air-cooled torches are light and overheat while exposed to high amperage, but the water cooling mechanism always dissipates heat comfortably. 

Torch Amperage Rating 

Every torch has a specific amperage that must match with the welding current required for the welding pipe. This right amperage is required for quality pipe welding as well. 

Torch Flexibility and Angle Adjustments 

Better maneuverability and precise control are required to achieve good-quality pipe welding from various angles and contours. So you must look for a flexible and adjustable torch, like a torch with a swivel heel or flexible neck. 

Torch Accessories and Interchangeable Components 

The torch you have may not be compatible with available accessories and interchangeable components. So, the torch should adapt to versatility. It helps to do different welding tasks for different pipe sizes and improves efficiency. 

Lead Length 

The torch lead’s length means the torch’s connection distance and welding power source. So, the long wiring length helps us to work comfortably from a long distance. Doing an extension on short wiring will lead to voltage drops and hampers the quality. 

 How To setup Tig torch For pipe welding (step-by-step guide)

Setting up a TIG torch for pipe welding demands careful preparation and attention to detail. Here, I briefly describe the step-by-step process to set up a TIG torch for the pipe.

  1. Gather Equipment: You must have equipment available near you, like a TIG welding machine, gas cylinder, filler rods for your particular welding, safety gears, and the main thing of my topic, the TIG torch. 
  2. Select the Right Tungsten Electrode: The pipe you will weld may be good for welding by different tungsten you have never used before. So you must be prepared for that. Few common tungsten are available that cover most of the pipe materials, such as thoriated, created, or lanthanide tungsten electrodes. 
  3. Preparing the Tungsten Electrode: It’s a common process you know from other welding experience, grinding the tungsten electrode to a sharp point shape point, depending on the required angle. 
  4. Assemble the Torch: Now it’s time to attach the tungsten electrode to the collet body inside the torch. Remember to secure the collet and electrode tightly. Now, connect the gas hose to the gas valve of the torch. 
  5. Pipe Preparation: Like any welding, you must clean the welding area as much as possible. 
  6. To make sure oil, grease, and rust-free surfaces. Use a wire brush. 
  7. Pipe Position: Ensure the pipe is properly aligned and has good support for preventing any movement during welding. Also, keep the pipe vertically or horizontally, whichever way you prefer. 
  8. Start the Gas Flow: Now open the gas cylinder valve and allow the gas flow. But gas flow has to be at the recommended rate. For TIG welding, we normally use argon gas. 
  9.  Create the Arc: Now, hold the torch with both hands and position it at a slight angle to the pipe. Strike the arc by momentarily tapping the tungsten electrode against the pipe and then quickly pulling it back. It creates an arc that you can stabilize at the desired location. 
  10. Start Welding: Welding starts by adding the filler metal into the molten pool. Move the torch and filler rod in a controlled manner along with the joint. You must maintain a consistent arc length to ensure even and high-quality welding.
  11. Reduce the current: Once the welding is done, reduce the current gradually to prevent overheating. Now, allow the weld to cool down naturally. 
  12. Welding Defect: You don’t know if your welding has defects. So look for the defects after every cool down. 
  13. Additional Things: Don’t forget to ensure proper ventilation in the welding for dispersing any remaining gasses.

Cleaning And Maintenance Tips For TIG Torches

Cleaning Tips

  • Regular cleaning: Remove any spatter slag from the torch components.
  • Inspect Consumables: Check the consumable parts like electrodes, collet bodies, and ceramic cups.  
  • Gas Lens and Gas Nozzle Cleaning
  • Electrode Sharpening

Maintenance Tips

  • Try to inspect any wear and tear on torch components. 
  • Gas hose inspection. If you find any leaks, get a new gas hose; don’t repair the leak. 
  • Avoid dropping as much as possible 
  • Try to store in a clean and dry environment. 

Last Word

Each of the welding torches has a different purpose to serve. These are slightly and sometimes heavily different from each other. Because welding is a sensitive job, welders are sensitive even to slight changes.

So, Light changes matter for them. I suggest you stick to one welding TIG torch. It will be easygoing after some use.  


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