Can You Spot Weld With A Stick Welder (Is It Possible)

When there is a need for welding any material, arc welding or stick welding process is one of the highly used methods to do the job. But can you spot weld with a stick welder?

In this guide, we’ll deeply examine the spot welding procedure using a stick welder. Please keep reading-

What Is Spot Welding?

spot welding, is a resistance welding process.

In this type of welding, two or more than two metal pieces or sheets are welded together by applying high pressure as well as heat to the welding area. This high pressure and heat come from a high electric current source.

What Is Spot Welding

The process typically works by contacting the copper ally electrodes with the metal pieces or the sheet surfaces. At the same time, the needed pressure and high-end electric current are both applied.

This generates heat when the current passes through those resistive materials. The materials could be low carbon steel, stainless steel, mild steel, etc.

How Does Spot Welding Work?

Understanding the working mechanism of spot welding is very simple. The process works when you apply pressure and heat to the metal parts that need to be welded.

This happens with the help of copper alloy electrodes. The electrodes work well when providing an electrical current into segments that need to be welded.

How Does Spot Welding Work

When such a current is applied, the materials start melting, and the metal parts get fused. When this happens, you must turn off the current entirely and uphold the electrode’s pressure. In this way, a joint is created.

The reason this process uses the copper ally electrodes is that the copper can easily maintain high thermal conductivity.

Plus, it is efficient in providing a low electrical current resistance compared to the other metals. This ensures that the heat must be transferred into the welding area rather than the electrodes themselves.

How Does Stick Welder Work?

The Stick welder, arc welder, or SMAW welding process includes using the rod electrode for welding the metal pieces together.

The engagement between the rod electrode and the metal pieces creates the arc.

When this happens, a short circuit also takes place for a short time between the given two poles. It ensures the flow of current. This arc starts burning between the electrode and the workpieces. The required fusion heat is created through this process that helps in welding two pieces together.

Can A Stick Welder Be Used For Spot Welding?

Yes, any type of stick welder can be used as a spot welding machine. Besides that, you can also train a person who used to use arc welding steel to learn spot welding.

Moreover, any person having a basic understanding of how to use an arc or stick welder can be guided enough to use it for spot welding.

For most spot welding processes by using an arc welding machine, an Eastwood’s Spot Weld Gun can be used on the most stick or arc welders.

It uses a current of 60 amps or even less. This ensures that those light gauge sheet metal can be readily welded by using such conversion.

How To Do That?

As stated earlier, any stick welder can easily be used to perform spot welding. But for that, you will need to make some replacements.

This replacement comes when you attach the Eastwood Spot Gun to your Arc welder. Please take a look at the below procedure that discus using the Arc welder for spot welding.

Things You Will Need For Welding:

  • Have welding rods or electrodes
  • A welding helmet
  • Firepower FT 100 Welder Instrument

Use The Gun And Install The Correct Head On It

The gun will require you to install the heads on it. With a slight twisting motion, you can easily remove and install the new heads on it.

Remember to use a four-prong head when you need to use the gun for a flat surface. And two-prong head when you have curved areas or corners.

Installing The Electrode

In this step, you need to enter the electrode into the tube on the front side of the gun. Tight it perfectly by setting the screw.

Connecting The Gun With Your Arc(stick) Welder

In this step, you need to insert the gun you have prepared in, and the end of the Gun’s power cable must be entered into the electrode holder of your welder.

Moreover, also ensure that the metal pin given on the gun’s power cable should be in good contact with the rod holder.

Connecting The Welder To The Workpiece

In this final step, ensure the perfect and close engagement of the electrode with the metal you want to weld. The closer the electrode will be, the more efficient the welding process will be. So, be sure to keep this thing in your mind!

Some Safety Tips

  • Ensure to wear the welding protective gloves plus a durable welding helmet
  • Do not consider working near any fuel tank or any flammable substance
  • A Fire Extinguisher must also be there.
  • The arc welder must never set above the 60 amps.
  • Do not perform welding in any moisturized area

Last Words

Understanding about can you spot weld with a stick welder is not that difficult if you know the exact process of doing it.

Using a Spot Gun will help you convert your arc or stick welder into a spot welder. So, use the guidelines discussed above and start your spot welding. Plus, don’t forget to contact me in case of queries or any complications you face.


Are Spot Welds Strong?

It totally depends on how much force and temperature you apply to the joints that you want to weld. Moreover, it also depends on the cleanliness of the metal and electrodes you are using.

How Thick Can You Spot Weld?

You can spot weld a metal that is up to 3m thick. Anything below this can also be spot welded easily. However, there are limitations if you go above this level.

Is A Spot Welder The Same As An Arc Welder

Both methods apply heat and use electricity for joining metals. When you are using an arc welder, it uses the sparks for melting the base metal, and there is an addition of a filler rod.
On the other hand, spot welders are good at using electric resistance. This resistance comes from the base metal that provides heat and ultimately fuses the pieces.
When you need perfect penetration, arc welding is best. And spot welders are good to use on the metal sheets.


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