Lincoln Power MIG 210 Mp Review

For What Application Is Lincoln Power MIG 210 Best For?

Welders don’t just weld particular-based material. A versatile welding machine is handy for welding a wide range of materials.

Lincoln Power MIG 210 Mp is an excellent choice if you are looking for a compact multi-purpose welder.

This option is ideal for shifting from one material to another quickly. People who want more welding time without burning the metal will love this tool.

Features of Lincoln Power MIG 210

Wondering how this Lincoln welder standout from others? The followings are notable features of this unit.

A Dual Voltage Welder

This MIG welder is a dual voltage output. You can operate it in both 120V and 230V.

A dual-voltage welding machine offers the versatility to increase or decrease the voltage depending on the arc length.

Plus, any fluctuation in penetration is mainly affected by the voltage.

You can use the same machine for light and heavy projects. 

Push-and-turn Control System

Do you want to see your welding condition immediately regarding how it is turning out?

This Lincoln welder comes with a Push-and-turn Control System.

No need to worry about the setting up procedure. It takes only a few minutes to set up the entire unit.

Accessing advanced technology is easygoing due to this type of MIG welder.

You will have better arc control in every stage of the welding process.

Large Color Display

Another notable feature of this MIG welding machine is its large color display.

Tracking each step of the welding is easygoing. You can set up the entire welding process effortlessly.

The display panel will guide you on what needs to be done after a particular task.



Lincoln Power MIG 210 performs surprisingly well.

You can achieve quality cutting and welding with this industrial-grade welder.

It has compatible amperage and duty cycles to significantly improve welding performance.


This MIG welder comes with a compact and lightweight design.

Both beginners and experienced welders can carry it conveniently to perform their welding tasks.

You can even use the unit in small areas where bulky welders will not fit.

Its lightweight construction allows you to carry it effortlessly and safely without anyone’s help.


When you utilize 120V from this MIG welder, it provides a 60% duty cycle at 160A. Making long welds appears simple and easygoing with this unit.

You can use 120V for welding dirty metal and welding outdoors. Achieving precise results is simple. Car sheet metals and other autobody repairs are an excellent choice for this option.

On the contrary, if you want to weld thicker materials, select the 230V output. It is mainly perfect for metals that have more than 1/8-inch thickness.


All the seams and fittings of the MIG welder have high-grade plastic reinforcement to ensure no unwanted damage.

Even if you drop the machine accidentally, it has less chance of becoming dysfunctional.

Its solid construction and sophisticated structure allow the unit to take a lot of abuses while you carry it from one spot to another.

Even extreme weather conditions like snow or rain will not affect its longevity. 

Ease of Use

Have you used any Lincoln welders in the past? This MIG welder comes with a user-friendly design.

Both beginners and advanced welders can get used to its settings within a few minutes.

Understanding the advanced functions does not require you to be a top-level expert. It appears simple for all.


Lincoln offers three years warranty for this welding machine.

This makes the unit more reliable.

Make sure to buy the unit from Lincoln Electric Distributor to claim the warranty.



One of the main issues with Lincoln Power MIG 210 Mp is its price.

The cost can be $1900+, depending on your location.

Compared to many similar welders, it is slightly expensive.

However, considering all its essential features and versatility, it appears not too much.

Unable To Weld Aluminum in Tig Mode

Using the welder for welding aluminum in Tig mode is not possible.

The unit is a DC welding machine. You need an AC welder to weld aluminum in Tig mode.

Plus, the Lincoln tool lacks increased-frequency beginning as it is mainly a lift ark TIG.

Can You Weld Aluminum with Lincoln Power MIG 210 Mp?

You can’t weld aluminum with Lincoln Power MIG 210 Mp because it is a DC machine.

However, if you have an optional spool gun, Mig weld aluminum can be done.

But, choosing a welding machine with a high-frequency start is best.

Lincoln Power MIG 210 Mp Or Miller Multimatic 215: Which One Is Better?

Lincoln Power MIG 210 Mp Or Miller Multimatic 215 Which One Is Better

The battle is between a single-process and a multi-process welder. If you prefer a versatile, affordable, and compact welder, Lincoln Power MIG 210 Mp is a good choice.

But, when you compare both units for using the same purpose, Miller Multimatic 215 stands ahead in many aspects. Let’s look at its features to know why.

01. The miller welder will provide a better duty cycle even at a lower voltage setting.

02. Though Lincoln has many adjustment options, they are not Auto-set. But Miller has Auto-set options.

03. When it comes to a more extended welding session, Miller appears to be a better pick. It is convenient to work for a long time.

04. Miller Multimatic 215 has a socket and ball feature to increase maneuverability.

05. You can swap out their guns with extended leads without any or minimal difficulty.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Thick Can A Lincoln 210 Weld?

You can use a Lincoln 210 welder for welding up to 5/16-inch steel at a 230-volt current. But when you use only 120V, the maximum thickness level is 1/4-inch.

Can You Run A Lincoln 210 MP On A Generator?

A Lincoln 210 MP is not a highly powerful machine that will consume a lot of power. Continuously running this light welder with a generator for several hours will be easygoing.

What MIG Gun Comes With The Lincoln 210 MP?

Magnum PRO 175L is the best MIG gun for Magnum PRO 175L. Its small and lightweight construction makes the air-cooled welding gun an ideal choice for multi-processor welders



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