Best 6010 Welding Rod (Tested & Reviewed)

Are you looking for high-density welding? Then, let’s introduce with 6010 welding rods. It is a widely used DC welding rod. Besides, 6010 has popularity for welding in shipyards, water towers, thick metal pipes and steel storage tanks.

In this guide, we will review on five best 6010 rods for welding. In the meantime, you will get a helpful buying guide.

Top 6010 Welding Rod

ProductsNameDescriptionLatest Price
Forney E6010 Welding RodsForney 31610 E6010 Welding RodMaterial
Mild Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH
14.63 x 4.38 x 2.25 inches
Grit Type
Compatible Material
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Hyweld E6010 Welding RodsHy-weld E6010 Welding RodSIZE
3/32″ 1/8″ x 12″ length
10 lbs, 50 lbs
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Startechweld E6010 Welding RodStartech E6010 Welding RodSize
Compatible Material
high cellulose-coated electrode
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Blue Demon E6010 Welding RodBlue Demon E6010 Welding RodBrand
Blue Demon
Item Weight
0.01 Ounces
Nominal Wall Thickness
1.3 mm
Product Dimensions
14″L x 0.13″W
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Lincoln E6010 Welding RodLincoln E6010 Welding RodProduct Dimensions
14.4 x 3.2 x 2 inches; 5.54 Pounds
Country of Manufacturer
United States
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Forney 31610 E6010 Welding Rod

Forney E6010 Welding Rods

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Forney E6010 is an all-position electrode welding rod for hardware, automotive, farm and ranch. It offers deeper penetration for welding on carbon and galvanized steel.

Forney electrode provides about 60,000 PSI tensile strength for better performance. Its strength is excellent for penetrating through light to medium amounts of dirt and contaminated surfaces or paint.

The dimensions of these rods are 14.63 x 4.38 x 2.25 inches, and weight is ‎4.61 Pounds. Forney will give you a grey color finish.

The Good Side

  • This welding rod is ideal for deeper penetrating in all position
  • These 6010 packages are very affordable which everyone can afford
  • Quick drying power can help to finish the welding within the fixed time
  • It offers a 90-day warranty for manufacturer defects

The bad side

  • The only downside to the 31610 E6010 is that it can only be used with a DC welder.

Why should one buy it

Its best features are deeper penetration and universal compatibility of carbon steel materials.

Besides, it can produce external shielding gas and weld on dirt surfaces. Because of these reasons, the consumer should choose this.

Why it is special

It is special because of the 90-day return warranty policy. Besides, each of the 6010 series is special for well-built and performance.

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Hy-weld E6010 Premium Arc

Hyweld E6010 Welding Rods

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E6010 is a premium quality 6010 arc welding rod. It has been acclaimed for its size, performance and convenience. Those looking for the best welding rod for arc welding can try this for better results.

It is an excellent rod to support all welding requirements like deeper penetration, improved performance and free shielding gas production. The overall size of this rod is 3/32″ 1/8″ x 12″ in length, and the weights are 10 lbs. and 50 lbs.

The good side

  • E6010 is capable of deep penetration on thicker materials
  • It is versatile for horizontal, vertical and overhead welding
  • It works excellent to remove different types of dust and dirt

The bad side

  • The coating is comparatively weak and can fall off

Why should one buy it

The core reason for purchasing this rod is its 1st class welding quality. Besides, the versatility for different positions makes it a popular welding rod.

Why it is special

It is special for deeper penetration power through the thicker material. Similarly, contamination removal is another special feature of this welding rod.

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STARTECHWELD 6010 Welding Rod

Startechweld E6010 Welding Rod

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Startechweld 6010 comes in a vacuum-sealed package. Its high cellulose coating is forceful enough for deeper penetration into base metal. Besides, Startechweld 6010 generally produces a weld puddle that can easily spread and wet.

Additionally, Startechweld produces a thicker weave and easily removable slag. It is the best 6010 package for a stable and smoother finish. The whole box weights 10 pounds, and you get a 30-day return warranty.

The good side

  • It has high deposition power and low spatter loss feature
  • Startechweld is easy to set up for vertical up or vertical down welding

The bad side

  • This welding rod package has not specific downside

 Why should one buy it

Buying this welding rod package for special cellulose-coating on the surface would be better. The cellulose coating helps to produce enough force for deeper penetration.

Besides, the auto-produced puddle is easy to wet and spread, enhancing the welding performance.

Why it is special

It is special for cellulose coating and versatility with different welding positions.

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Blue Demon E6010 Welding Rod

Blue Demon E6010 Welding Rod

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Blue Demon is the smallest package of 6010 welding rods. It is designed with a combination of welding and brazing filler. Besides, it has all position cellulosic features that can start welding quickly and penetrate the metal deeply.

If you would love to get an x-ray-like welding quality, we highly recommend this blue Demon 6010. The package dimension is 14 x 3 x 3 inches, and the nominal wall thickness is 1.3 mm.

The good side

  • Compatible with industrial API grade welding and general fabrication welding
  • It comes with a 30-days refund guarantee for defective products
  • Good for metal welding as well as overhead and pipe welding
  • It is available in varieties of diameter

The bad side

  • The wattage could be more powerful to enlighten and melt these rods for welding.

Why should one buy it:

Someone can buy it for multipurpose uses like steel pipe welding, structural welding and maintenance of general welding. In the meantime, it is great for performing in vertical, flat, horizontal and overhead positions.

Why it is special:

It offers x-ray-like welding quality that makes it more special than others.

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Lincoln E6010 Welding Rod

Lincoln E6010 Welding Rod

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Lincoln stick welder is designed to be used with versatile sectors. It comes with 1/8-inch diameter and 14 inches length. The 1/8 diameter is excellent to weld on both heavy-duty and lightweight applications. Besides, Lincoln has great control over the welding process for precise results.

Moreover, this stick rod has unique arch stability, making welding smoother. The deeper penetrating capabilities, power to weld on the versatile thickness, and all-position welding make it the best choice. The dimension is 14.4 x 3.2 x 2 inches, and the weight is 5.54 Pounds.

The good side

  • Lincoln stick welder has the most aggressive, digging, penetrating arc
  • It is ideal for thicker material and great for deeper penetration
  • It has a quick-freezing feature after the welding process

The bad side

  • This E6010 package is a little bit pricy

Why should one buy it

The buyer should choose it because of its stable arc feature, full penetration on thicker metal, versatile welding joint support and special flux coating to protect welding from contamination.

Why it is special

It is special for deeper penetration and special flux coating to remove dust and contamination from the welding surface.

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What is the E6010 electrode classification?

E6010 is a specialized high-tensile electrode for welding. This rod allows very reliable welding. You can understand it by looking at its characteristics. The first digit, “6”, refers to the tensile strength. Then the digit “0” refers to this welding rod designed for all welding positions like horizontal, vertical, flat and overhead.

Besides, the last two digits, “10,” refers to this rod having a special electrode coating. E6010 is recommended for API grades A25, A, B welding and X42 pipe and structural fabrication. So, overall E6010 is the most convenient and recognized welding rod.

Key features:

  • E6010 welding rod can handle low-carbon steel structures like bridge building, shipbuilding and pipelines
  • It allows to weld safely with both AC and DC
  • The welding seam is high-quality, firm and well-formed
  • This rod allows for quick welding with a depth penetration
  • The produced slag during welding is easy to control and remove
  • Perfect rod for welding on high-tensile steel construction like bridges, pipelines and pressure vessels


  • E6010 electrode rod is ideal for sturdy construction through heavy steel construction
  • This rod makes a reliable connection between all strong metals in shipbuilding applications.
  • Offers great and deeper welding for all types of strong steel construction like steel-based buildings, bridges and infrastructure
  • It can complete a welding process in several challenging situations.
  • It can perform well through different types of contaminants, dust and rust.
  • E6010 rods are the ideal choice to weld in a remote location
  • E6010 is the ideal stick welding rod for thicker and medium welding with deeper penetrating

Techniques for Using E6010 Welding Rods

At the first time, it would be better to apply the whipping technique. Remember, weaving is not important at the beginning stage. It is natural to have a ropey first pass. You need to adjust the current flow as required.

You won’t get a flat surface at first, but you can make it flat in the second and third stages. Remember to fill the toes in the second pass using a weave box.

It is recommended to use a 3F Vertical Up weldment for multiple passes. Sometimes, you can run an inverted “T” weave. The combination of whip action will give a straight weave. Besides, it will help cool the puddle quickly.

Advantages & Disadvantages of E6010 Welding Rod

E6010 electrode rods exist with some advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of E6010 Welding rod

  • E6010 can penetrability deeply and reposition highly into the metal during the minimal spatter
  • It is best for overhead welding due to the quick-freezing characteristics
  • It is suitable for vertical up and vertical down position welding because of the produced puddle
  • E6010 is suitable for all positions, including out-of-position
  • It is good to weld on galvanized, rust, contaminated and dirty surface

The disadvantages of E6010 welding rod

  • E6010 can produce violent arch pressure that is difficult to handle
  • The whip-and-pause motion is allowed for this electrode rod, but these methods are sensitive

What to consider before purchasing 6010 welding rods?


E6010 electrode exists in five different sizes. The available sizes are 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4.0 mm and 5mm. Different sizes of electrode rods are also used based on the type of application. Choose a large size for heavier applications and a smaller size for lightweight applications.


Knowing the correct weight while selecting an E6010 welding rod is good. Note that many replicas of the E6010 on the market weigh less than the high tensile 6010. The ideal weight of the 6010 electrode is 10 lbs. (4.54 Kg). The Amp range is 65-130.


It is important to know the ingredients of high-quality E6010 rods. Otherwise, you may purchase the wrong or replica 6010 rods. It is formed with 85% Iron and 15% Chromium.


E6010 electrode always supports DCEP for positive polarity. Make sure about the built-in polarity support.

Electrode Angle

Ensure your electrode can be positioned 10 to 15 degrees from the weld.


E6010 is comparatively more expensive than other electrode rods. But when comparing the quality, this 6010 is the winner. So, adjust your budget to your requirements.

Last Words

We hope you have read our review and can now choose the best welding rod from the E6010 series. There are different smaller and larger packages of 6010 we have mentioned above. Choose a stick welding rod per your welding metal and the preferred welding position.

Additionally, you can read the buying guide before purchasing a stick weld rod. Also, the advantages and disadvantages section for 6010 welding rods can help to choose a specific one.


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