Top 5 Best 7018 Welding Rod In 2023 (Tested & Reviewed)

Stick welding is the heart of many construction projects going around us. In stick welding, one of the most crucial parts is getting the right welding road.

Though there are different options available on the armlet, 7018 welding roads are particularly popular for their flexibility and versatility.

So, today, I have reviewed some of the best E7018 welding rods here. Additionally, there is a buying guide too to help you choose the right 7018 rods according to your necessity.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in.

Product NameDescriptionprice
forney 7018 welding rodForney E7018 AC Welding RodProduct Dimensions
‎15.25 x 7.75 x 4.5 inches
‎Mild Steel
Item Weight
‎5.2 pounds
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stick elect 7018 welding rodStick Elect, 7018 welding rodProduct Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 6 x 1 x 1 inches
Mild Steel
Item Weight
4.55 pounds
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us forge welding rodUS Forge Welding Electrode E7018 Product Dimensions
‎17 x 9 x 5 inches
Item Weight
‎10 pounds
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hobart welding rodHobart 7018 Stick Welding ElectrodeProduct Dimensions
‎14.8 x 1.6 x 0.7 inches
Item Weight
‎15.2 ounces
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Weldcote 7018 welding RodsWeldcote Metals E-7018 Welding RodProduct Dimensions
‎15.94 x 4.72 x 1.69 inches
‎‎Basic coated
Item Weight
‎5.24 pounds
Special Features
‎Low Manganese Emission, Patent Protected
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1. Forney E7018 Welding Rod

The first option I have on my list is from Forney. As a 7018 rod, some benefits like versatile use and all position welding is already available with the Forney E7018 stick welding rod.

Moving to the actual performance, you’ll love the smoothness and consistency once you hit the arc.

Though 7018 typically requires high amperage for a clean strike, that’s not the case with Forney E7018. Even with a smaller 90 amp welder, the flow and penetration were really impressive.

Whether it’s AC or DC, these welding rods just work like a charm with any current.

As I mentioned before, every job requires a different rod diameter. So, to support your job requirements, Forney 7018 comes in three different diameters.


  • The rod supports every welding position.
  • Runs both on AC and DC
  • Works great for out of position welding
  • Smooth and consistence arc
  • Available in different diameter


  • There are some issues with the vertical welding position
  • Some users complained about the rods not working with DC welders

The reason why you should buy

Overall, Forney E7018 is an excellent product with the goodness of any 7018 rods alongside some other features. If you are looking for consistent welding even at low amperage, Forney E7018 is the way to go. 

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2. Stick Elect 7018

Next up, we have Lincoln electric’s Stick Elect. This might not be as familiar as the previous Forney rods, but it performed really well in my testing.

First, let’s talk about the welding current. So, Stick Elect 7018 works with both AC and DC current, so that’s one convenient feature to have under the belt.

Once you start to weld with Stick Elect 7018, you are bound to fall in love with the beautiful and smooth bead.

As a 7018 welding rod, Stick Elect works great at every welding position. However, making it work at overhead and vertical positions will take a lot of practice.

Unlike the previous Forney 7018 welding rod, Stick Elect only comes in one diameter, 1/8”. Depending on your job, this can be good or bad for you.


  • The welding rod lays down a smooth bead
  • Works great with AC and DC current
  • Moisture resistant coating
  • Great value for money


  • Overhead and vertical position welding needs a lot of practice

The reason why you should buy

Stick Elect packs a lot of punch as a balance 7018 welding rod. If you can make the vertical and overhead position work, Stick Elect is an excellent option to invest in.

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3. US Forge Welding Electrode E7018

Are looking for a balanced 7018 welding rod to cover all your needs? Your search might end with the US Forge E7018 welding rod. The first feature I want to address is the low hydrogen count of this rod. Due to the low hydrogen, it’s resistant to welding defects like cracking and porosity.

This resistance to defects is crucial for industrial projects. Moreover, no matter which current you use, you’ll get the same consistent welding result from these US Forge welding electrodes.

However, most consumers said that the welding result was better with DC current. Whether it’s general-purpose welding or industrial-grade welding, you can get these done with ease.


  • Excellent penetration even with low amperage
  • Supports different welding position
  • Resistant to welding defects
  • Good value for money
  • Weldability on both AC and DC current


  • Some of the rods tend to stick

The reason why you should buy

US Forge E7018 is like the jack of all trades. If you want a welding road that’ll prevent defects in critical projects, this low hydrogen rod can be a great help for you


4. Hobart H119916-R01 1-Pound Plastic 7018 Stick Welding

Hobart 7018 welding rods are the ideal choice for those looking for a low-budget welding rod. Though the price is lower, you’ll love the fact that it runs on AC and DCEP invert current.

Whether it’s stick welding or commercial use, Hobart 7018 can handle everything with ease.

Low, medium, high-carbon and mild steel, everything can be welded perfectly at every position with Hobart 7018 welding rods.

Moreover, the 70000 psi tensile strength makes it an incredible option to work with even the most durable metals.

If you are looking for good penetration, Hobart 7018 can provide that too. Usually, inexpensive welding rods are infamous for their sticking issue.

But Hobart has paid extra attention to that problem to ensure that you get a consistent and smooth welding result.


  • Great for carbon steel welding
  • Tensile strength for the most challenging welding jobs
  • Runs on both AC and DC current
  • A good option for budget welders


  • A bit challenging to weld thin material
  • Not cut out for demanding penetration jobs

The reason why you should buy

For the price tag, you really cannot complain about Hobart 7018b welding rods. If you are thinking of industrial-grade welding, then you should look for other options. But for regular workshop welding, this product is hard to beat.

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5. Weldcote Metals E-7018 Welding Rod

This last 7018 rod on my list is unique in different aspects. Weldcote Metal claims that their E7018 welding rods emit about 60% less manganese emission.

As there is low manganese buildup, the welding becomes stronger and resistant to cracking.

Weldcote also paid extra attention to the environmental friendliness of their E7018 welding rods by following the regulations. These are the unique aspects of Weldcote E-7018 welding rods.

Now, coming to the performance, this welding rod shines here too. You’ll get one of the smoothest and most stable arcs from Weldcote 7018 welding rod. When you strike, you won’t notice any sort of sticking or porosity.


  • Free of sticking and porosity
  • 60% less manganese emission
  • Environment-friendly manufacturing
  • Smooth and stable arc


  • Only works with DCEP polarity

Reason to buy

At first use, I loved the smooth and stable beads from Weldcote E7018 welding rods. If you want a fast welding rod with minimum splatter, you should check out Weldcote E7018 welding rod.

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What Is 7018 Stands For

If you are in the welding business for long enough, you probably know the meaning of 7018 welding rod. But for newcomers, I am going to break down the name in detail.

  • So, the first two number, 70 means that this particular welding rod can weld at 70000 psi (pounds per square inch) or, 70kpi.
  • Then the “1” indicates the all-purpose welding position. This is the reason behind the versatility of this welding rod. The last digit.
  • Then the last digit, 8 stands for a lot of things like the material, and the current from the rod. Here the material is a low hydrogen flux while the current employed is DC.

What Is 7018 Welding Rod Used For

As I mentioned earlier, 7018 welding rod is one of the most versatile rods out there. As a result, it has different types of usage.

For starting, welders use 7018 welding rods for all-purpose carbon steel welding. Then, comes the crack prevention of this rod.

Anywhere industrial where crack preventive welding is a must, 7018 welding rod is used by welders

Buying Guide

7018 welding rods are pretty popular on the market. That’s why there are a lot of manufacturers of this rod available.

So, if you are worried about making the right 7018 welding rod, I have compiled this buying guide for you. Considering these factors mentioned will help you find the best 7018 rods.

Type of welding

Different welding projects require different types of rods. So, before you decide you want to get a 7018 welding rod, don’t forget to consider why you are buying one.

For example, a 7018 welding rod has a very high psi of 70000. If your project doesn’t need that much strength, you might want to look at other options.

Tensile Strength

Tensile strength provides the necessary durability for welding. To get a flawless welding result without any cracks or inconsistencies, the tensile strength of the welding rod and the base metal need to be the same.

So, before you make the purchase don’t forget to match the psi.


Adequate penetration is crucial for optimal welding results. Though some projects might need minimum penetration, most other projects require good penetration.

The most important factor that affects the welding performance is the amperage you use. So, before you buy a 7018 welding rod, consider the rod diameter carefully and match that with your amperage. Otherwise, the penetration won’t be sufficient.

Welding position

Proper welding position is important for the best welding result. Different types of welding rods support different welding positions.

So, first, you need to decide which welding position your job needs and buy the rod accordingly.

The third digit of the AWS classification indicates the welding position compatibility. As for 718 rods, the “1” means that it’s qualified for every position like overhead, horizontal, vertical, and flat.


Every surface metal we normally weld has a different thickness. To deal with this variety of thicknesses comes different thickness of rods.

So, before you buy a 7018 welding rod make sure the diameter of your particular rod can handle the thickness of the surface metal.

For example, a 3/32” welding rod can easily weld something with up to 1/4” of thickness.


Can you weld 7018 with AC?

Previously I mentioned that 7018 welding rods employ DC current. But does that necessarily mean you cannot 7018 cannot weld with AC? The answer to this question is yes, you can weld 7018 with AC too. No matter the welder, you can easily produce a quality result.

Can you weld everything at 7018?

Due to the versatility of 7018 welding rods, you can weld a lot of stuff with 7018 rods. Here everything means any general purpose welding, including industrial ones like pipe or boiler welding

Why does my 7018 Rod keep sticking?

There can be several reasons why your 7018 rods keep sticking. The first reason why your rod keeps sticking is the lower current setting. As a result, the electrode is not sufficiently hot to strike an arc. Then shorter arc length can cause your 70118 to stick too. Lastly, dirt on the welding surface can cause the same issue too.

Which welding rod is stronger, 6011 or 7018?

The answer to this question lies in the name of these welding rods. I mentioned earlier that the “70” indicates the 70000 psi tensile strength. On the other hand 6018 rods “60” means the tensile strength is 60000 psi. So, with the higher tensile strength, 7018 is the stronger welding rod.

What amp do I need to weld with a 7018 Rod?

One of the benefits of the 7018 rod’s versatility is that there is no fixed amperage for welding. Depending on the rod’s diameter, welders decide on the amperage between 80 amps to 380 amps. Though the amperage isn’t fixed, you should follow the instructions with each rod.

Last Words

That’s a wrap for today. I hope my review of the best 7018 welding rods was informative enough to give you some idea about the best 7018 welding rods on the market.

Knowing the basics of the products will be a great help in understanding the operation and performance.

Moreover, if you are still confused about the options, the buying guide will be there to guide you towards the right choice.


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