Best Welding Rod For pipe Fence

For every metal structure you see around, there are welding jobs involved. While welding machines are the primary tool for the job, welding rods have a substantial role in welding performance. So, regardless of the job, you should be extra careful choosing the welding rod.

Unfortunately, people sometimes make the mistake of substituting the rods in jobs like pipe fence welding. In that case, what happens is that some rods melt through the pipe while others fail even to penetrate.

So, there is no alternative to using the right welding rod for welding pipe fences.

To save you from these mishaps, I have brought you the list of the four best welding rod for pipe fence. With these stick welding rods, your pipe fence welding will be flawless.

Let’s have a look.

hobart stick 7018 welding rodHobart 7018 StickProduct Dimensions
‎14.5 x 4.2 x 2 inches
Installation Method
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hobart 6011 stick welding rodHobart 6011 StickProduct Dimensions
‎15.5 x 5.1 x 4.1 inches
Item Weight
‎25 pounds
Installation Method
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blue demon electrodeBlue Demon Steel Pipe Welding ElectrodeProduct Dimensions
‎14 x 3 x 3 inches
Item Weight
‎5.25 pounds
‎1/8″ (Diameter)
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forney e7018 stick pipe welding rod Forney E7018 Welding RodProduct Dimensions
‎14.63 x 3.5 x 1.75 inches
‎Mild Steel
Installation Method
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Forney E6010 Welding RodForney E6010 Welding RodProduct Dimensions
‎14.63 x 4.38 x 2.25 inches
‎Mild Steel
Installation Method
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Hobart 770479 7018 Stick Welding Rod

The first option on my list is from Hobart, and there are several reasons behind it. Hobart has been an established player in the welding industry for quite some time now. So, I don’t have to think twice about adding it to my list.

As the name suggests, 7018, this Hobart pack of welding sticks can be used in different positions. This feature ultimately provides the versatility everyone looks for in the work field.

The same goes for the carbon steel compatibility too. Low, medium or high carbon still, you can weld all day with these 1/8″ sticks from Hobart.

In terms of tensile strength, Hobart has got your back too. As a 7018 welding rod, you are granted a 70000 PSI.

These welding rods have a low hydrogen ratio, perfect for thick metal sections and critical welding like pipe fence welding.

There are several added benefits, like generating x-ray quality welding, excellent bead appearance, and consistent welding without much spatter.

Right now, there are two options to choose from; you can either go for the five lb. pack, or if you have something bigger in hand, go for the ten lbs. pack.

Though the sticks are advertised to run with both AC and DC welding machines, it’s not recommended to run with low voltage AC welders.


  • Rods have 70000 PSI tensile strength
  • An excellent option for both arc and MIG welding
  • Welds perfectly without generating splatter
  • Perfect choice for thick and delicate welding
  • Cheaper than most of its competitors


  • Proper burning starts late
  • Some units have the flux broken

Reason to buy

Reasonable pricing with excellent tensile strength, these reasons should be enough to make it a good buy. On top of that, you can’t complain about these rods once you start welding thick carbon steel without welding and good bead shape.

Hobart 7018 Stick welding Rod Price At Amazon

Hobart 770460 6011 Stick Welding Rod

Next up, I have got another Hobart welding rod pack in my hand. Hobart has always been synonymous with quality welding rods, and this pack is no different either. 6011 welding rods bring certain benefits to the table, which don’t change with this Hobart welding rod pack.

You can weld in any position you like, whether it’s vertical up or overhead position. As for the surface, you can easily weld steel metals and low silicon with these Hobart 6011 welding rods.

No matter your welding machine’s current, these rods can effectively run on both AC and DC with deep and clean penetration. That’s it for the usual features of 6011 welding rods.

As far as surface compatibility goes, Hobart 6011 welding rods do a pretty great job on any sort of steel out there.

But if you are planning on welding aluminum, you should be looking for other options.

As 6011 welding rods, it has a guaranteed tensile strength of 60000 PSI. So, you don’t have to worry about a strong welding result.

Whether it’s painted steel, dirt or rust, these welding rods can burn through pretty much anything.


  • Rods have a tensile strength of 6000 PSI
  • Compatible with both AC and DC welding machines
  • Provides a deep and clean penetration
  • You can weld with these rods on any type of steel
  • Welding capability on painted and rusted surfaces


  • Some of the rods have arc failure issue

Reason to buy

Overall, Hobart 770460 6011 stick has the perfect balance between durability, versatility and ease of use. Though some users have complained that the rods don’t hold arc that well, that doesn’t stop this from being a balanced welding rod on the market.

Hobart 6011 Welding Rod Price At Amazon

Blue Demon Pipe Welding Electrode

Next up, we have this 6011 welding rod pack from Blue Demon. Like the 7018 rods, 6010 is also a pretty popular and favorable welding rod for pipe fencing. There are several characteristics of a 6010 rod that makes it suitable for pipe fence welding.

Firstly, let’s talk about the welding series and its features. The number 60 indicates the tensile strength of this welding rod, which is a staggering 60000 PSI. This ultimately shows the tensile strength of the welding bead.

Next, we have the digit 1, which indicates the Blue Demon welding rod’s compatibility with every welding position.

This position verity is crucial for pipe fence welding, whether you want to weld flat or horizontally, vertically or overhead.

Lastly, we have 0, which indicates the presence of cellulose sodium coating on the rod and results in a smooth arc with low amperage.


  • High tensile strength of 60000 PSI
  • Great for all welding positions
  • Deep penetration makes it perfect for pipe welding
  • Rods burn pretty well without splatter and sticking


  • Some sticking issues at low amperage
  • Works great for all kinds of pipes

Reason to buy

I couldn’t find anything to complain about, especially considering the price. These rods offer durability, tensile strength, welding position and deep penetration, pretty much everything you can ask for in a welding rod. These same features make these rods an easy investment.

Blue Demon Electrode price At Amazon

Forney 30705 E7018 Welding Rod

Next up, we are back on the 7018 welding rods again, but this time these rods are from Forney.

As a 7018 welding rod, the characteristics will definitely be a great help for a strong pipe fence welding.

For example, there is a high tensile strength of 7000 PSI, conventionally the highest in any welding rod.

Then comes the versatile welding position, meaning you can weld from any position you want, making pipe fence welding super easy. Then the last digit, 8, indicates the lower hydrogen ratio in the welding rod.

This low hydrogen ratio results in different welding defects such as cracking and porosity. You’ll love the bead appearance every time you weld and

Apart from these standard feature sets, there are certain added benefits that make them separate from other welding rods.

These welding rods can work on both AC and DC currents, so that’s another addition to their versatility.


  • Excellent tensile strength of 7000 PSI
  • Runs smoothly on both AC and DC current even on low amperage
  • A low hydrogen ratio prevents welding defects
  • Compatible with any welding position
  • Easy penetration through hard to weld steels


  • Some units have the flux broken

Reason to buy

When it comes to pipe fence welding, there is not much competition for 7018 welding rods. On top of that, when it comes from a manufacturer like Forney, it becomes so easy to recommend these fantastic welding rods.

Forney 7018 welding Rod Price At Amazon

Forney 31610 E6010 Welding Rod

I am ending the list with another popular welding rod for pipe fence welding, 6010, again from Forney. Forney has a reputation for manufacturing quality welding rods, and they seem to deliver again.

Though I have added this welding rod for pipe fence welding, there is a wide variety of welding jobs that you can do with Forney E6010. For example, maintenance welding, fabrication or any other type of welding involving thick steel will feel like a work in the park.

Pipe fence welding requires welding for different positions. With these Forney 6010 electrodes, you can do all position welding without any issue. The arc starts to build up very quickly, and after that, it’s easy sailing through the pipes.

Another feature I appreciate about Forney 6010 is the ease of use. While welding, the rods generate quite a low amount of slag compared to other options at the same price range.

You can easily weld through any painted surface or rust, so not much surface preparation is required either.


  • Comes with a tensile strength of 60000 PSI
  • An excellent option for all-purpose welding
  • Leaves minimum residue compared to other rods
  • Rapid cooling of the rods results in good crack resistance
  • The rods can weld perfectly without surface preparation


  • Some units have difficulties holding an arc
  • There are some complaints about uneven flux

Reason to buy

If you are looking for consistent and reliable welding results, you cannot go wrong with Forney E6010 welding rods. There were some units that have arc and flux issues, but they are easy to give a pass considering the value you will get out of the pack.

Check Forney E6010 Welding Rod Price At Amazon

Tips for Welding Pipe Fence

Welding pipe fences can be an easy yet delicate job if you don’t know how to do it properly. If you are new to this business, here are some bonus tips.

Prep the Joint before Welding

Preparation of the welding surface is crucial for any welding job, and the same goes for pipe fence welding. If you don’t know, 6010 and 6011 welding rods are pretty popular for least surface preparation.

These welding rods can easily penetrate through rusted and painted surfaces. But that doesn’t mean you won’t need preparation at all. Before you weld, try to get rid of those rusts and paint as much as possible.

If there is any uneven hole or cut on the pipe, make sure to even it with filler material. Otherwise, the distortion from these uneven areas can compromise the integrity of the weld.

Set up Right Amperage & other tips

As 7018 welding rods have higher tensile strength, they perform better at higher amperage settings. As for the 6010 and 6011 welding rods, the scenario is the opposite.

They will result in burns on the welding if you increase the amperage. Also, different pipes require different amperage settings, so do your research before setting the amperage.

Which Welding Rods to Avoid For Pipe Fences?

As we advance, all the welding rods I added to my list are from 6010, 6011 and 7018. These are all perfect options for pipe fence welding.

However, the mistake people mostly make is that they tend to substitute these welding rods with 6013 or 7028 rods, assuming there won’t be much difference.

But actually, these substitutes make a lot of difference and ruin your welding experience.

While 6013 welding rods have shallow penetration, the 7028 has excessive power that can melt through those pipes.

Buyer Guide

Choosing the best welding rod for pipe fence welding isn’t easy. Considering these factors below can help you figure out the suitable choice for you.


Welding rods are made of various materials, like cast iron, high carbon steel, mild steel and different hybrid alloys.

However, not all of them are a good choice for pipe fence welding. Usually, mild steel is considered ideal due to its ease of use and ability to mold the surface.

Tensile strength

Tensile strength indicates the durability of the welding rod. If you are looking to avoid any defect and cracking, you should consider the tensile strength carefully.

The first two digits of the welding rod represent the tensile strength and if you want the most, go for 7018 welding rods for pipe fences.


Pipes used for fences are usually made of thick steel. So, if the welding rod you are choosing doesn’t have deep penetration, it won’t do much good with thick steel pipes.

If you are after deep penetration, 6010 and 6011 are your ideal choices. For moderate penetration, you can opt for 7018 welding rods.

Welding positions

Different welding projects need you to work from different welding positions. If you are planning for pipe fence welding, you’ll need a welding rod that allows you to weld from all four positions.

Though 6011, 6010 and 7018, all three claim to support every position, 7018 welding rods have some issues with the vertical down and overhead position.

Welding current (AC or DC)

Sometimes, in a project, the current of the welder and the rod might not match. The best thing to do is pick a welding rod that works both with AC and DC to avoid that situation.

Usually, 7018 and 6011 rods are well known for supporting both types of currents. 


In any welding job, we don’t want something that’ll blow through the metal, right? If you want to avoid excessive penetration in pipe fence welding, 1/8″ thick welding rods are your ideal choice.

This thickness offers just the right amount of penetration in the pipe without melting through. Anything thicker and it can melt through the pipes.

Last words

That’s a wrap for today. If you want the optimum welding results, you must ensure that you are working with only the best welding rods.

When it comes to simple yet delicate projects like pipe fence welding, welding rods can extensively affect the output.

Hopefully, my review above was helpful enough to pick the best welding rod for pipe fence Compiling this list wasn’t easy for me either, but these five products finally made it to the list because of their high quality.

After the review section, if your confusion still persists, you can take the help of my buyer guide to clear out any confusion and finally purchase the best welding rod for your pipe fence welding job.


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