Best Cheap Plasma Cutters for 2023 – Top Picks With Buyers Guide

Have you ever wondered if cheap plasma cutters have a wide range of quality? Cheap does not always mean low quality. The complex materials in a plasma cutter can be cut into a variety of shapes.

Using standard plasma cutters will make it easier to cut into any surface components. You may find yourself overwhelmed when shopping online for a plasma cutter.

However, choosing the right equipment from different brands for your own needs can be a difficult task.

So by reading this whole article, you can get a list of the six best cheap plasma cutters, and you can also get information on various guidelines and many considerations.

The less expensive plasma cutter will work well and will not break the budget for home DIY jobs and small business projects of light-duty.

Take a look at the honest review to see the differences between all six picks. Then check out our buyer’s guide and consider parts to understand what to look for in different plasma cutting options.

best cheap plasma cutter

Quick Comparison

Lotos LTP5000D Lotos LTP5000D✔️ Safe and Low Price
✔️ Automatic Dual Voltage
✔️ Pilot arc technology
Check Price
Forney Easy Weld 251Forney Easy Weld 251✔️ Easy to Use
✔️ Torch Technology
✔️ Light and Portable
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SUPER DEAL DC InverterSUPER DEAL DC Inverter✔️ Digital LCD Display
✔️ Safe design
✔️ PRO technology
Check Price
PrimeWeld 50APrimeWeld 50A✔️ Truly Portable
✔️ Professional design
✔️ Plasma cutting torch
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Lotos LT5000DLotos LT5000D✔️ Air Cutting System
✔️ Easy to Use
✔️ Automatic Dual Voltage
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S7 Plasma CutterS7 Plasma Cutter✔️ Low Price Range
✔️ Smart Wide Voltage
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1. Lotos LTP5000D – Best Plasma Cutter

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If you plan to tackle small projects like making roll cages for your jeep, LTP5000D will work right and suit you and give you perfect performance at a low cost.

The LTP5000D from Lotos is an incredible choice for both experts and hobbyists. You can efficiently operate this machine for use and quickly cut a wide size of any metal.

One of the notable features is that Lotos uses German PAPST cooling technology. It controls the temperature of the whole unit and prevents damage from excess heat. For this technology, this machine cutter can provide a 60% duty cycle.

However, with its high-frequency MOSFET transistor, Lotos can perform uninterrupted and fast clean cut quality every time. It also generates full power, which helps to cut dense and thin metals with a simple process.

Features of the product:

  • Lotos LTP5000D can cut a maximum of ⅜ inch steel.
  • The Lotos dual voltage input power is 110v/120v and 220v/ 240v.
  • It comes with 26 pounds.
  • This cutter is covered with a moisture separator, a pressure regulator, and an air filter.
  • It also comes with an integrated airline quick connector.

2. Forney Easy Weld – Best Cheap Plasma Cutter

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This machine is efficient and portable enough to be used as worksite equipment in the vicinity of the home or any workplace. It can easily cut any material without any hassle, and its cut finish is smooth and clean.

The Forney Easy Plasma Cutter has an output power of 110/120 volts and with 20-amps. With this voltage, you can operate the whole machine.

Since the welder’s working time exceeds the lead size of the torch and clamp, an extension is required to adjust it. The use of extensions in this plasma machine makes a difference in cutting.

Moreover, with this machine, you can cut steel with 1/2 inch thickness. It would also be an excellent option to cut metal with a thickness of 1/4 inch or less.

Features of the product:

  • The machine can cut rusty or painted metal.
  • It weighs 21.5 pounds.
  • The Forney Easy has a 25′ torch extension ability.
  • 35% duty cycle.
  • The output power level is 20 amps.

3. Super DEAl Cheap Plasma Cutter 

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If you are looking for a low-cost plasma cutter for DIY use, the Super DEAL Plasma Cutter is a good choice. This cutting machine gives excellent performance with precision.

Super deal machines are much more popular for low power consumption, more substantial construction, and more robustness. The most crucial factor is that this machine can cut any metal cleanly and smoothly.

It also has many protection features that will protect you from overheating. Also included are masks and wires that will defend you from various sparks or injuries.

This unit is an ideal instrument for many versatile industries such as maintenance work, repair, site work, and many more light industries.

Features of the product:

  • This plasma cutter operates 110v/120v and 220v/240v input.
  • The duty cycle capacity is 60%.
  • It can cut any material about 0.5-inch thickness easily.
  • The weight of this product is 24.4 pounds.
  • Super DEAL comes with a digital LED screen.

4. Prineweld Plasma Cutter 

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The Prime Weld machine is an air inverter plasma cutter that uses high-frequency technology and comes at an affordable price for welders. The device can easily cut up to 1/2 inch steel with 50 amp power. The wide range of the machine is 15 amp which helps you to dial.

With dual voltage input power, it is connected to a 120-volt adapter for domestic plugs. The Prime Weld Cut 50D drag is used in torch arcs.

To start the torch, you need to touch the surface, wait a while, and finally pull to cut. Using a long torch, welders can protect themselves from various damages and sparks.

Also, the AG 60 torch can be used to search for particular parts of the machine, which increases the device’s efficiency. The machine has a package of many components to make the cutting process more accessible. This machine is straightforward to carry so that it can be used anywhere.

Features of the product:

  • The machine has dual voltage input power that is 120/240 volt.
  • The torch connection is a generous 12.5 feet long.
  • Its incredible power efficiency is 85%.
  • This plasma cutter is made of top-grade steel.
  • Primeweld provides both Tig and sticks welding services.

5. Lotos LT5000D Plasma Cutter

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The Lotos LT5000D cutter machine is suitable for light welding work and even for use in harsh environments. Their cutting power is very versatile with dual voltage.

However, its standard cooling system ensures the lifespan of the equipment and keeps the head down. The Lotos design is flexible to use, although it can handle many air materials and keep the cutter working as quickly as possible.

Moreover, the LT5000D machine comes with DC inverter technology that can easily cut dense materials. It also enables the cutting to be more seamless and speeds up the cutting process.

Besides that, it has an automatic adjustment feature that configures the voltage.

Features of the product:

  • Lotos LT5000D came with 22.5 pounds.
  • The machine’s box came with a torch, cable, air regulator, connections.
  • It produces less harmful gasses.
  • The Lotos has a V-MOSFET transistor.
  • The PWM technology produces steady DC power with rapid modulation.

6. S7 Cheapest Plasma Cutter

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The S7 plasma machine is ideal for cutting hard materials such as rust, steel, stainless steel, and copper. This machine can also be used for other surfaces that have not been perfectly polished.

Its compact design and the most usable IGBT transistor make the machine versatile. Using this transistor, you can cut thick metal to balance the machine.

One of the best factors is that it can cut any surface seamlessly. The S7 plasma cutter provides the cleanest quality that can help you cut any 1/2 inch thick material.

Also, it can increase the cutting limit by 3/4 inches and become more efficient in running capacity for this. The S7 machine can support multiple voltages, which can help the engine to run even if the current supply is low or high. This plasma cutting machine ensures your safe and sound cutting ability.

Features of the product:

  • The S7 machine support ranges voltage like 90v to 60v, and its standard range is 110v to 220v.
  • S7 produces non-hazardous compressed air.
  • It has superior current and gas delay adjustment quality.
  • The compressed air hose helps to make it easier to take in perspective for the unit.
  • This S7 cutter boasts an 80% duty cycle.

Buyers Guide

Choosing a suitable plasma cutter can be difficult for you because there are different types of cutters nowadays. So you need to know the buyer hacks before buying the right tool.

Here is a guideline that will be quick and helpful for you to learn more about plasma cutting.

The type of metal thickness

This is one of the essential factors in determining your plasma cutting. The thicker the plasma plate during cutting, the stronger the machine will be.

If you plan to cut regular metal sheets, the machine will fit 1/2 “thick. Again, if your work is a large or heavy project, you need to select a cutting machine with high power.

Certain metals, such as aluminum and copper, require more power to cut because of their higher thickness. So you need to understand the thickness of the metal when buying a plasma machine.

Level of power

These tools are used to cut metal during electricity or air pressure. We know that each type of plasma machine has a single power voltage input.

If you are looking for a power source for small tasks like a home project, then its standard level power is 110/120 voltage, and at the same time, you can run the whole machine with this voltage.

Conversely, if you want to cut a heavy gauge, your power value will increase to 220/240 volts. Usually, we work in different places, so we have to make sure that there is enough power level in that place.

So, you need to check the power quantity before buying the plasma cutter.

Carrying quality

Whether you are a professional or unprofessional welder, you need to make sure that you can carry the machine easily in different locations. So portability is one of the significant factors in plasma cutting.

Therefore, before buying a machine, you have to look at its portable quality. To know the portability of someone, you need to know the weight of that product.

Moreover, the heavier the machine, the harder it is to manage. That is why before buying, you have to take care that the plasma machine is not too heavy.

Also, the shoulder straps handle to increase the carrying capacity of these built-in carrying components and the machine.

Advanced features

Cheap plasma machines also have unique features. These include the quality of the drug torch, the quality of the stand-off torch.

Each of them has a different job. With the quality of the drag torch, you will get a smooth cut, and with the stand-off torch quality, you will get a consistent cutting quality.


There are also some factors to consider before you select a plasma cutter.

Duty cycle

Duty cycle refers to how long the device can run under a particular load. How long the machine can run depends entirely on the welder’s amperage.

However, when you buy a plasma cutter with standard performance, you need to look at the average thickness of the machine. It also gives you limited time when the work is a short cycle, and on the other hand, heavy-duty work requires machine high duty cycle equipment.

So before you buy, you must purchase a device that will provide a 50 to 60 percent duty cycle.


Another notable feature that needs to be considered before buying a plasma cutter is the consumables. Plasma cutters usually consist of individual consumables such as nozzles, rotating rings, shields, electrodes, and maintenance caps.

Everyone has their own needs in different jobs. The job of the shield is to protect the welder from molten metal or various sparks. Again the maintenance cap works to keep the enjoyable stack together.

The job of the nozzle is to keep the plasma orcs focused smoothly. So before you buy a machine, you should consider how compatible its enjoyable content is.


Usually, two main transistors are used for welders in plasma cutting: the MOSFET or the IGBT. Welders are using MOSFET the most between these two transistors.

Again, many welders have switched to IGBT using MOSFET. This is because IGBT performs better than MOSFET and provides cleanliness and smooth cuts.

Therefore, according to experts, it is wise to use IGBT between two transistors.


By reviewing our top 6 cheap plasma cutters, we found that they are incredible for single use. Here, we’ve sorted out the whole article by understanding the buyer’s point of view, and we know that no buyer wants to invest in a product that is regretted later in use.

Since we’ve covered the six best cheap plasma cutters to help our readers make consistent decisions. We ensure that this article will be able to help you reach a well-known conclusion.


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