Miller Multimatic 220 Review: Best Multi-Process Welder

If you don’t have the right and most updated welding machine at your welding shop, you might be lacking in customers.

A machine-like Miller Multimatic 220 with multiple features helps you complete those welding tasks efficiently and effectively daily.

This welding machine is a multi-process and has capabilities to allow you for flux cored, Stick, MIG, and AC/DC TIG welding.

It does not matter what type of welding process you are involved in; this welder gives you all the needed accessories.

There is no need to purchase anything additional when you have this equipment. One can connect the MIG gun and TIG torch with it simultaneously, and it automatically determines the polarity.

Moreover, it also changes its operation for a specific type of welding automatically. The machine is straightforward to set up and use with its adjustable controls on a display screen.

This Color LCD user interface embedded with the welder makes it quicker for you to set AC Balance, AC Frequency, Pulse, DIG, or any other parameters.

On top of that, you can connect this fantastic machine with 120 and 240 V power receptacles without additional tools.

All in all, the miller is an excellent tool for almost all welding processes, with two shielding gas connections for MIG and TIG gas.

Hardly will there be any tool in the market providing you with the same features.


  • Best to perform multiple types of welding
  • It quickly provides connectivity to two gas units without any additional tools
  • A simple and easy-to-use display that helps you in setting the parameters
  • A versatile machine that works pretty well
  • Durable and long-lasting welder
  • Works on two-way power settings


  • A high-priced unit
  • Might have constant sticking issues sometimes

Guide Before Buying A Welder

If you have never come across buying a welding machine and considering it now, let’s help you decide on it.

The following discussed factors would help you choose yours.


The first thing you must look for in a welding machine is its portability. Because if you do your welding work just at the shop, there will be no problem.

However, if you have multiple projects to complete and take with you to distant places, that unit must be easy to carry.

Therefore, you must consider a lightweight, portable unit that can be brought anywhere.


Power is the second crucial factor when buying a welding machine for yourself. If that machine doesn’t have enough power to perform a specific welding task, it won’t be worth it.

In that case, you must consider a welding machine with 150 to 200 or even more power on the output side. And it must be working on 150 or up to 240 V to weld those required components.


Price is another crucial thing to consider while buying a welder for yourself. You shouldn’t spend much on that if you don’t need a welding machine for daily tasks.

Buy any good welder that ranges between $1k and $2k. But if you have large projects to complete and need a high-end machine, you will have to set a high budget.

An excellent multipurpose machine comes from $3k to $4k or even more.


Only choose a welding machine that comes with a good warranty. Such a warranty will ensure how durable that welder is and how much you should trust that welding machine brand.

Amperage and Voltage (Auto or Manually Adjusted)

In case you go for a multipurpose welder, you must decide whether it should be an auto-adjustable unit or a manually adjustable one.

An auto-adjustable welder adjusts the required current and voltages for a specific welding process.

On the other hand, you have to adjust the amount of amperage and voltage to perform a particular welding task on a manually adjusting welder.

So, choose the one that keeps you more effective and efficient at work.

Limitations Of Miller Multimatic 220

Limitations Of Miller Multimatic 220

Except for being a leading welding machine in the industry today, it has some limitations. These are listed as follows.

  • It comes with a bit shorter lead on the MIG. Most people have demanded a 2-3 ft extra to make welding easier.
  • You may not find the 0.035 nozzles for the 0.035 roll of Mig wire.
  • The wire roller position is also confusing sometimes.
  • To some people, it costs much higher.
  • The welder might show some issues in the Stick Welding process.

Primary Differences Between 220 and 215 Miller Welders

Primary Differences Between 220 and 215 Miller Welders

The primary differences between the 220 and 215-miller welding machines help you decide which one to choose for your work.

  • Where the 220 comes with 56 lbs. weight, the 215 model comes with only 38 lbs. It means the former unit is more portable than the latter.
  • Miller 220 is an expensive unit with a price tag of more than $4k bucks. At the same time, 215 is a cheaper unit with only $2k bucks.
  • The Miller 220 is capable of AC/DC welding required for all types of MIG, TIG, and other welding processes. Whereas the 215 comes only with DC TIG welding.
  • Miller 220 has more upgraded and advanced features you will find missing in the Miller 215 welding machine.

Comparison Between The Miller Multimatic 220 and ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic Welders

Comparison Between The Miller Multimatic 220 and ESAB Rebel EMP 205ic Welders

Both of these high-end welding units have some comparable features listed in the table below.

Features Or SpecificationsMilter 220ESAB Rebel EMP 205
Net Weight Or Portability‎94 pounds. less portable‎78 pounds, more portable
UsageEasier and QuickerLittle complicated and flexible
Durability and DesignLess durable when comparedMore robust when compared
AC/DC powerIt is packed with AC/DC powerBetter on AC power than the compared model

Net Weight or Portability

One of the significant differences between these two machines is their weights. The ESAB 205 is a more portable welder to bring on several jobs than Miller 220.

You can judge this from the facts that ESAB 205 weights only 78 pounds, whereas the Miller 220 weighs 94 pounds.


Miller 220 is more user-friendly and quicker to use since you unbox it. It has straightforward controls and settings with impressively attractive features that help you switch between the processes.

Be happier with the seamless transition by tapping the MIG gin on the foot control. On the other hand, using ESAB 205 is a little complicated and flexible for AC TIG side welding.

However, after longer use, you also become a master of this machine.

Durability and Design

Comparing both on this factor, the ESAB 205 wins on the durability side. The reason is its roll cage design with a leading IP rating. This rating makes it more robust than the Miller 220. However, Miller 220 also stands for a pretty good lifespan.

AC/DC Power

Both units are packed with AC/DC settings. But ESAB 205 works excellent on the AC power if that is your priority.

However, in the DC power settings, both works great.

Which Welder Is Better Between Miller 220 and ESAB Rebel EMP 205?

From all the features, it can be analyzed that both are great units to consider. However, the Miller 220 is the most advanced and upgraded version of the welder, even better than the 215.

It has a whole pack of all the necessary tools and features you may not find anywhere.

Therefore, most welding experts recommend Miller 220. So I’d also go with the same recommendation.

But choosing ESAB also won’t be a bad option as it is more portable, robust, and less pricy than Miller 220.

The only downside is that you may not find the features and quick settings that Miller 220 provides.


Can This Machine Run 0.045 Flux Core Wire?

Yes, the Miller 220 can also run this thick 0.045 flux core wire for Mig Welding.

Can You Run Multimatic 220 On Generator?

The machine can run efficiently on a generator that produces almost 240V. However, running Multimatic 220 on smaller generators might not be possible.


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