Stick Welding Body Panels (How To Do That)

You can create doors, siding, flooring, and other protective or covering products by combining large or small body panels. However, sometimes it seems pretty easy to use the stick welding process for these projects.

But can you do so? Have a look to find out how it goes.

Can You Weld Body Panels With A Stick Welder?

Can You Weld Body Panels With A Stick Welder

That’s simple to say that you can use a stick welder to weld panels. Most people have used this welding method to weld the flooring panels of their jeeps or carts.

However, the problem with this welding method is that it produces too much heat. Sometimes, those steel panels are not strong or hard enough to bear this heat level.

It causes spots and holes in the panels, which is extremely unacceptable and ruins the original shape of your body panels.

In that case, if you successfully find a machine with low temperature, a mild rod, and go with less heat, you can stick weld your body panels.

But still, it’s a process that may not lead you to good results in the end.

What Are The Things You Need Before A Body Panels Stick Welding?

You must give it a shot if you have only the Stick Welder to weld these panels. However, you will also need the following things to make such a welding process fruitful.

  • An E-6013 electrode with 1/16 diameter
  • Extremely low amps would be necessary
  • Having a machine that helps you dial Amps rather than having a rotatory switch to use only limited options
  • A MIG welder is the best welding machine for welding such automobile body parts and motorcycle frames
  • Besides, use 0.023 wire and C-25 gas, which includes a mixture of 25% CO2 and 75% Argon
  • A series of tack welds

How Do You Stick Welding Body Panels (Step By Step Guide)

As previously said, stick welding body panels are an extremely sensitive process. But if you want to do it anyway, please look at the following steps.

Step 1: Gather The Essentials

Before you start, ensure that you have all the equipment and tools listed below. Take the required rod, the machine, wire, and settle things up.

Step 2: Align The Targeted Panels Together

Bring the desired body panels together and align them in the position you want to weld. Remember that series of tack welds?

Yes, you’d be using them here. Ensure keeping these tacks between those welded body panels and keep changing their position.

Step 3: Set up the Apparatus and Start Welding

Ensure the least temperature reading on your Stick welding or Mig welding machine and put the right recommended rod as well.

Go sizzling those tacks when you need to for the next step in welding the panels. Keep using the wire or stick and start welding from one side to take it to another.

Using tacks between these body panels will help you and keep you from burning the panels.

Step 4: Results

The welding results will be by joining two straight or any shape automobile parts together.

If you were careful enough, there wouldn’t be any burnings or holes in the panels. Besides, it also depends on your experience in the welding field while performing a job like this.

What To Focus on When Stick Welding Body Panels?

One must focus on the following things when performing a stick welding process to weld body panels.

  • Use the recommended electrode
  • Always keep the temperature low
  • Be sure to put some tack welds while welding
  • Consider using a 120V machine for this application

Stick Welding Body Panels Common Mistake & How Avoid Them?

Usually, when you are a beginner and want to stick different welded automobile body parts, you may encounter yourself making the following mistakes.

Won’t you like to find avoiding them?

  • Most people set the temperature too high. That should not happen because it will burn the parts. To avoid this, keep the heat or temperature always low.
  • Using the wrong electrode with the sick welder also complicates the welding process. Avoid this problem while performing stick welding.
  • Never lose your place when you are focused on the target to weld a specific point of body parts together. Otherwise, it will result in a hole in the panel that will spoil its shape.
  • Moreover, never use a damaged electrode. Except go for buying a new welding rod for every welding process.
  • Never perform such a welding process when you know the results won’t be satisfactory.

Safety Precautions When Welding Body Panels

Safety Precautions When Welding Body Panels

You must also take some precautions while performing a welding process like this. These precautions include the following, and they are very important for your safety.

  • Always wear a welding helmet, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert
  • Keep using goggles to protect your eyes from the welding light too
  • Wear rugged gloves so that those welding flames might not hurt your hands
  • Wear a high-end jacket or something similar to keep your body safe
  • Consider performing welding in a breathable environment or space
  • On top of that, never perform welding or weld your body panels if there are some flammable materials near the work space.

Last Words

If you’d ask for my final suggestions on stick welding body panels, I would not recommend doing this type of welding.

Because it is too sensitive, and the results won’t be satisfactory. You might end up digging holes into those panels and damaging their original look.


Can I Use Flux Core Wire To Weld Body Panels?

Yes, you can weld body panels with a flux-core wire machine. However, it is possible, yet not a recommended thing to do. Because while using the FCAW, those body panels will be more exposed to burning climate, and the heat exposure will also be maximum.

How Do You Weld Body Panels Without Warping?

To weld those body panels without wrapping, you’d need to place those welds near the neutral axis. Besides, keep the amount of heat minimized while welding body parts without letting them wrap.


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