Top 6 Best Tig Welder For Aluminum (Tested & Picked)

To weld aluminum, heat controlling is very important. Until now, no welding machine controls heat better than a TIG welder in case of welding an aluminum.

It could be hard to choose a best TIG welder for aluminum when several options are available in the market. Lets find out the suitable welder that can easily and efficiently weld aluminum.

If you are in hurry, check out the comparison table bellow.

Top 6 Best Aluminum Welder

Weldpro Digital TIG weld 200GDWeldpro Digital Tig Welder (Best Professional Tig Welder))Power Source
‎AC/DC Pulse
CK torch-2020
Check Price
YESWELDER TIG weld 250PYeswelder Tig-250P (Best Inverter Tig)Style
Item Weight
34.9 pounds
Check Price
PRIMEWELD TIG weld 225XPRIMEWELD TIG225X (Best for 1/4″ aluminum)Power Source
Item Weight
90 pounds
Check Price
LOTOS TIG weld 200ACDCLOTOS TIG200ACDC (With advanced cooling system)Voltage Input
Automatic Dual Voltage
Output AMPs
10-200 A
Cooling System

Check Price
HITBOX MIG weld 250II AluminumHITBOX MIG250II Aluminum MIG Welder (Best for multi-function)Safety
Automatic VRD Protection Function for Over-current
Item Weight
19.4 pounds
Check Price
AHP AlphaTIG weld 203XiAHP AlphaTIG 203Xi (Best for thinner gauge metalPower Source
‎Stainless Steel
Item Weight
69 pounds
Check Price

When Should You Use A Tig Welder

You should use tig welder to weld sheet aluminum thinner than 1/2″. You can weld thicker aluminum also with a Tig welder. Though many people prefer mig welder with a spool gun to weld thicker aluminum as it is easy to use mig welder. But mig welding is not as clean and precise as tig welding can provide.

In addition, tig welder provides an option to control input power using a foot paddle. You can easily adjust the power with the paddle which is missing in mig welder.

Furthermore, automotive welding especially repairing motorbike has made tig welder a popular technique for its perfect finish and seamless welding.

That’s why when you are opting to weld an aluminum, you may go for tig welder for better result.

Best Tig Welding Machines (For Aluminum)

To make your best welder purchase for TIG aluminum welding, we have picked the top 6 best TIG welders in the market.

Below, we’ll review them thoroughly, talk about their good and bad sides and help you choose the one that will suit you best.

Best Tig Welder For Aluminum

Let’s have a look-

1. Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD AC DC 200 Amp Tig Welder

Weldpro is one of the best TIG Welders designed for aluminum and steel welding jobs with 3 years of remarkable warranty and excellent features.

It has a fantastic configuration of upslope, AC Balance and frequency, starting to ending temperatures, and more. You can have it for any welding project based on TIG welding.


The construction of this welder is highly durable as well as aesthetic. Weld Pro company has made this TIG welder with a Professional Rocker Style Foot pedal. It contains Ck super flex 17F tig torch with switch trigger.

The whole machine is rigid and designed to work for longer periods. Besides, it has a full MMA stick welding function, including a stringer.


1. Excellent specifications
2. Digital control features
3. Excellent amperage control
4. Heavy duty construction
5. Higher brand reputation


1. You might have issues with the front panel blinking so fast
2. The welder might become very hot

Why Should You Buy This One?

The tig welder is 30% efficient with PWM technology and also it uses IGBT circuit which makes it more affordable and better range. It can run in 60% duty cycle in AC mode and 30% in DC. Most importantly you can shift from Ac to Dc Or Dc to Ac just with a click.

The welder contains 2T-4T touch control, upslope and downslope, foot pedal and square wave output that makes it a welder worthy of buying.

How To Use It?

To use this machine, please follow the below steps-

  • Always set the suitable current flow you need for performing welding on mild and thicker aluminum.
  • Keep the Torch at a recommended distance from the metal piece while tig welding
  • You can easily use it for hours without seeing your machine get hot

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2. YESWELDER TIG-250P 250 Amp AC/DC Aluminum Tig Welder

The YESWELDER TIG welding machine is something perfect to choose for beginners. It has a software-controlled square wave that helps you choose between the AC and DC welding inverter.

From start to end, the machine includes every smaller or larger feature required to perform an excellent welding project. Use this machine’s 2T and 4T triggers for more professional welding selections.


The welder is entirely made of metal and comes with great longevity. Its appearance is ergonomic and looks appealing to more beginners or experienced welders.

The machine is portable and easy to carry for far-distance welding jobs. You can do Ac tig, Dc tig, pulsed tig, stick and spot welding with a single machine.

On top of that, an air channel design increases the heat dissipation out of the device and keeps it working for longer hours.


1. Great portability
2. Longer durability
3. Cheaper model
4. AC/DC Tig welding
5. More précised controls
6. Better welding results


1. It doesn’t include a foot paddle
2. Not recommended to perform more welding jobs in a year

Why Should You Buy This One?

We think the best reason for buying this welder is its low price. But it still doesn’t miss anything. Furthermore, the welder is designed for hobbyist and professional welders. This is a 200A welder with some awesome features such as electrode positioning system, oscillator, a Wp-heavy duty torch, an array of pulse features and an efficient HF arc start facility.

How To Use It?

Some of the tips you should remember while using it are as follows:

  • It’s only recommended to perform a smaller number of welding jobs
  • Get a separate foot paddle and attach it to the machine for power control
  • Always follow the proper aluminum welding process if you are not expert
  • Be more attentive while using the 4T setting on Torch because it might not end up as expected.

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3. PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder

Get a maximum output of up to 225 amperages current to perform massive aluminum TIG welding tasks with this premium welder. It doesn’t matter whether you are welding steel, aluminum, or other thinner metals.

Because when you have the Primeweld, it will give you a 200 Hz Pulse frequency for faster and more reliable welding needs.


Primeweld Welders are highly known for creating masterpiece welder machines. The metal construction with all the needed settings and controls on this welder will give you value for money.

Get excellent work with the foot pedal to control heat and a handy torch to finish welding. All is given to get the most expected results from the machine.


1. Top-of-the-line welder
2. Excellent welding output
3. Durable and long-lasting
4. Worth the money
5. It’s smooth in working and welds great

Down Sides

1. Doesn’t work for extreme duty welding jobs
2. Difficult to operate for beginners

Why Should You Buy This One?

The welder provides with best control over machine either in striking the arc or pulse modulation, that creates a beautiful weld with deep penetration. As a result you get strong bond over aluminum. Also the company guarantees the product for 3 years.

You have an option to shift between ac and dc mode while welding. You also get 3 welding technique in a single machine which saves you money.

How To Use It?

Some tips for using this Primeweld Welder are as follows.

  • You may not impress with the Foot paddle, so if you replace it, it will perform the excellent job
  • The welder is recommended to use for mild and thin steel and aluminum pieces
  • It’s capable of welding with 7018 and 6013 welding rods
  • All the controls are on the front panel. So, set temperatures, frequency, and ratings accordingly.

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4. LOTOS TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum Tig Welder


The LOTOS TIG welder can produce up to 200 amperages of current and is best to use when performing mild aluminum welding jobs.

Enjoy dual voltage inputs with the machine, and it has more accessible controls on the board.

The price is also fair, with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Any kind of bare electrodes can be used for stick welding aluminum with this machine.

Overall, it would again be a significant investment.


The construction of this TIG welder is done by keeping in mind the precise needs of individual welders.

Even though you are an expert welder or a newbie, you will get every single feature in it. There is a great foot paddle to control heat.

It is designed to work with stainless steel welding, aluminum, mild steel, and other unique metals. The durability is there, but that doesn’t miss the portability.

Usually, you can have it for almost 10 years without changing a part or returning the unit to the company.

Good Sides

  • Stays cool during long hours working
  • Great temperature rating
  • Durable and comes at a reasonable budget
  • Best for mild-duty welding jobs

Bad Sides

  • Not recommended for heavy-duty welding
  • Only TIG welding, No MIG or multiple welding

Why Should You Buy This One?

The most significant reason for spending your money on this welder is that it is the best unit for you if you are a beginner in welding jobs.

The machine is all good for mild welding tasks. But if you need to perform heavy gauge aluminum welding, you should look for something else.

How To Use It?

  • Inject the right electrode depending on the material you are going to weld
  • Use the hand torch control for more comfortable welding
  • Select the desired range of voltage output from 10Amp to 200 amp
  • There is an advanced cooling system that you need to turn on to keep the machine colder

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5. HITBOX MIG250II Aluminum MIG Welder Synergy


Since it’s a MIG welder, it doesn’t come into our TIG aluminum welder category. But as you know, a MIG welder can perform aluminum welding, so it should also be on your list.

You can use this HITBOX MIG welder to weld aluminum, but you may not get the best finishes.

However, the machine is excellent with all its features, 200Amp current rating, wire feeding, and other remarkable features. It can also be operated with TIG welding if you know the conversion.


Hardly do you get durable machines at lower pricing points. But the complete welder is made of metal and lasts for a good period.

They have included everything for MIG welding performances. But if you go for TIG welding Aluminum, you’ll have to buy some stuff separately.

Good Sides

  • Best budgeted
  • Powerful output voltage rating
  • Multiple welding options
  • Durable and reliable
  • Excellent customer support

Bad Sides

  • You may not get any directions for settings

Why Should You Buy This One?

The excellent reason for buying this machine is its smartest pricing. You will only need to spend a few bucks, and the apparatus will be yours.

In addition to that, you can use it for both thick and thin metal welding needs. However, none of our above welders were recommended for extreme gauge aluminum welding.

How To Use It?

  • To convert it into a TIG welder, use the Lift Tig mode.
  • You will need to buy other stuff, including a regulator, hose, appropriate Torch, tungsten rods, and electrodes.
  • Connect them appropriately by following the instructions
  • One can perform thick and thin welding jobs with it easily

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6. AHP AlphaTIG 203Xi 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder


The whole point of investing your money in this last but not least welder is its advanced inverter technology.

There is a high-visibility LCD screen that presents more visuals and better clarification of the voltage ratings.

In addition, the machine costs much less and is recommended for TIG welding on aluminum.


This welder is made with stainless steel, which shows greater durability and stability. A lot of customers have praised the way this masterpiece works.

Moreover, you can use it for hours without finding it burned in the fire due to rising temperatures.

Good Sides

  • Handy and portable unit
  • Easier configuration of controls
  • A bigger display screen
  • Durable
  • Value for money

Bad Sides

  • Not to be used for high gauge aluminum welding

Why Should You Buy This One?

It’s also a machine worth spending money on because it works well on 110 to 220 volts. The approximate output of 200 amps is suitable for performing mild and thick aluminum TIG welding.

You can attach the gas, and a working paddle keeps the heat minimum.

How To Use It?

  • Using this intelligent unit is similar to other TIG welders
  • The rods that can be used with it include 7019 and 6013
  • Precise and clearer welding on a variety of metals
  • An instructional manual included for easier configurations

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Can Any TIG Machine Weld Aluminum?

Multiple TIG Welders can weld aluminum without any complaints. Often, experienced welders recommend using a TIG welder for thinner and lighter gauge aluminum.

A TIG welder produces cleaner & better quality welds than other available welding methods. In addition, when you run a TIG welder in AC current mode to complete an aluminum welding project, it can produce perfect result.

You need to consider some requirements to weld aluminum with tig machine. If you can configure the settings then you will be able to weld aluminum with any tig welders.

For example: You will need to adjust the heat to successfully tig weld aluminum. Adjustment would provide you with complete control over machine’s filler rod.

Lets see the chart that contains requirements for tig welding, tig rods diameter & amperage bellow-

Base Aluminum ThicknessTungsten DiameterAmperage
0.035″- 1/8″1/6″20-85

What Is The Best Technique To Weld Aluminum?

There are indeed several welding techniques available to weld aluminum material. These include MIG Welding, ARC Welding, TIG Welding, Resistance Welding, Electron Beam Welding Etc.

In most of the cases, the TIG welding technique is highly recommended and worth considering for completing Aluminum Welding tasks.

This method is best to use for thin Gauge aluminum welding. Moreover, it is also recommended by most welders for steel and thick aluminum welding.

The TIG welding method is chosen to weld aluminum because it significantly controls the heat and produces finer welding results.

You can use the foot paddle of a TIG welder and adjust the heat.

However, a MIG welder is also ideal for performing heavy or thicker aluminum welding duties.

But there will be a downside as welding might not provide the cleanest results. Therefore, a TIG welder is highly suggested for Aluminum welding.

Aluminum TIG Welder Buying Guide

Get to know about some of the best buying tips that would benefit getting a value-for-money TIG welder for Aluminum welding. These tips are described as follows.

Type Of Projects

It’s good to decide which types of welding projects you will use your TIG welder before you spend any money. Are you considering using it as a hobby or learning welding yourself?

Or do you need a welder to perform commercial welding jobs? That’s all on you. This way, you will choose between a heavy-duty and mild-duty TIG welder.

Consider investing in a low-duty welder if you don’t need to perform many welding jobs in a month.

Base Metal

Getting a TIG welder will also depend on the type of metals you want to use it for. Different ranges of metals include carbon Steel, Mild Gauge Aluminum, Heavy Gauge Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, and other metals.

Including that, you’ll decide on that welder’s capacity to weld a specific metal.

So, choose wisely, as some TIG welders may weld aluminum, and some not. Also, it’s essential to consider whether you are welding heavy-duty or soft-gauge metals.

Your Budget For The Project

Sometimes, you cannot spend huge money on a TIG welding machine. It’s all because you have already invested in buying other required stuff.

Therefore, decide how much money you will spend on a TIG welder. Usually, a TIG welder between $400 to $650 bucks will perform your job nicely.

Type Of Input

TIG welders can work on AC and DC volts. But for aluminum welding, you only need AC voltage.

Therefore, you can even buy a machine that’s only offering AC voltage and does not have dual voltage settings. It would be a great selection while saving more money.

Check The Duty Cycle Rating

The duty cycle defines the time you can use a welder before it starts overheating. In this way, you must choose the one with 10 minutes of duty cycle.

A smaller measure is that if there is a 30% duty cycle rating for a TIG welder while working at 200 amperes, that machine will be efficient for almost 3 minutes.

And it will require 7 minutes to cool down before you use it again.

Gas Cylinders

Ensure that your TIG welder can connect argon and other gas cylinders. Because  without these gases, TIG welding aluminum or any other metal is impossible.


The next thing you need to check on a TIG welder for aluminum is the warranty. Usually, an outstanding TIG welder will give you up to 3 years of remarkable warranty.

Digital Control

A TIG welder with digital controls is more straightforward than a TIG welder with Manual Controls. Therefore, if you have come this far, try finding this feature in a TIG welder.

Type of Ignition

A TIG welder either comes with an Arc Lift or HF ignition. Therefore, you need to determine which one will suit your job best.

The Arc lift ignition starts when you touch the metal with the Torch. At the same time, the HF ignition starts when you press the torch trigger.

That’s the fundamental difference between these two.

Last Words

Haven’t been the entire article exciting and worth reading? Did it help you get your desired TIG welder?

Well, we hope that you have made a purchase. But if you didn’t or have any queries in your mind, you are always welcome to ask.


Do You Need Gas For Tig Welding Aluminum?

For TIG welding Aluminum, you need Inert Gases. Without these gases, you won’t be able to perform TIG welding.

Is TIG Welding Aluminum Harder Than Welding Steel?

Only  a matter of care. Like, in welding Aluminum, you have to be more careful than welding steel. But most individuals move to aluminum welding after learning steel welding.

Why Is TIG Better Than MIG For Aluminum?

TIG  welding gives more precise, accurate, and clearer finishing, which is impossible with MIG welding aluminum.

What Tungsten Rod For Aluminum?

You need Zirconated Tungsten rod 7019 or 7018 to perform TIG welding aluminum duties.

How Many Amps Does It Take To TIG Weld Aluminum?

Here, we apply the rule of thumb that states using 1amp of current for every 0.001 material thickness. For a material of 1/8 inches, you will need approximately  125 amperage current to complete the process nicely and more profoundly.


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