Find Out Some Best 110v Stick Welder in 2023 (Tested & Picked)

Can you use 110-voltage stick welder for welding up to ¼-inch to 1/8-inch steel or other metals? People keep asking this question all the time and that’s why we have come up with this post answering the question.

The main advantage of a stick welder is that you don’t need any separate shielding gas.

But the key is choosing the best 110v stick welder to perform the welding task.

Don’t miss out this post if you struggle to find a reliable option.

5 Best 110v Stick Welders

ProductNameDescriptionLatest Price
S7 110v welder MachinesS7 110v Stick Welding MachineItem model number
110 Volts
Plug Format
A-Us Style
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Simder 110v stick welder machinesSimder 110/220v Stick WelderItem model number
Stick Welder
Advanced Control
Item Weight
11.07 pounds
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Hone 110v Stick weldersHone 110V/220V Actual 140Amp ARC WelderPower Source
4.29 KW
Weld metal, such as carbon steel, iron, stainless steel, copper, etc
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Wegoodler 110v stick welding machineWegoodlder 110/220V 250Amp ARC Stick Welding MachinePower Source
Corded Electric
Burner type
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Yeswelder 110v stick welder machineYESWELDER 110/220v ARC Stick WelderStyle
Stick welder 205Amp
Item Weight
13.73 pounds
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01. S7 Welding Machine 110v

S7 110v welder Machines

Are you looking for a beginner-friendly 110v stick welder? If so, you can’t be wrong with this option.

Its simple design allows you effortlessly weld a wide range of materials, such as carbon steel, medium carbon steel, alloy steel, etc.

This welding device is a high energy saver to lower energy bills and cost savings over time. It will ensure a better lifespan and reduced maintenance costs.

Also, it delivers an 85% duty cycle to ensure increased productivity and reduced downtime.


A simple design to support new welders

Compact design to work easily in hard-to-reach areas

Perfect for basic maintenance and repair welding tasks.

An IP21S-rated welder to ensure protection against solid objects and moisture


The welding leads are a little short

It can produce a bit of noise


The 110v stick welder has a steel frame, which is resistant to heat. Plus, it offers exceptional durability and better stability for accurate and precise welds.

Why Should You Buy It?

If you are new to the welding field, this option is a great option due to its ease-of-use design. Its portability, energy efficiency, and affordability give you enough reasons to buy.

Why Is It Special?

This welding device is equipped with advanced inverter technology to ensure greater control and stability to achieve high-quality welds.

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02.  SIMDER Stick Welder 160Amp 110v

Simder 110v stick welder machines

Professional welders need a welding machine that can withstand the pressure of heavy usage every day. This option appears to be a perfect choice for this purpose.

You can use the welding device with various types of welding rods, such as E7018, E6013, E601, etc.

If the diameter of the welding rod is less than 4.0mm, you can effortlessly use this stick welder.

The welding machine is ideal for use on a wide range of materials, such as carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and various other iron and ferrous metals.


Dual voltage capability to work with both 110-volt and 220-volt power sources

Doesn’t prone to get affected by overheat and overcurrent

Consumes only 4-5 kilowatts of electricity per hour

Perfect for whole-day welding


More information on different setups would be better

Not the best choice for heavy-duty welding


The welding machine is made of high-quality metal, such as aluminum or steel. This makes the unit highly stable for the internal components and able to withstand heat.

Why Should You Buy It?

This welding device is perfect for welding a wide range of materials and thicknesses. You can use it with welding rods from 1/16″ to 3/16″.

Why Is It Special?

The dual voltage capability, compact design, and advanced inverter technology make this welding tool popular among DIYers and professional welders.

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03. HONE Stick Welder 110V/220V

Hone 110v Stick welders

Worry about igniting bad electrodes? This user-friendly welder has a hot-start function to get a peak of current when striking the arc.

It mainly comes in handy when welding rusted metal, and you want uniform penetration.

Wondering how to achieve consistently excellent arc performance? The welding tool features Arc-force to improve your welding position and makes the job easier.

Are you facing poor stability of the arc? This high-quality welding device ensures better arc stability with minimal spatter and uniform metal transfer.


An auto protection system to increase dependability and avoid overdoing

Easy to detach the stick welding electrode if it sticks to the job

25% to 30% duty cycle for 2.5-3 minutes of continuous welding

IP21S rated to ensure the optimal safety for operation


The display sometimes shows inaccurate information

Not a good choice for using MIG or TIG welding techniques


The frame of this welding machine is made from combined materials, including steel, copper, aluminum, PA66, etc. All of them create elevated levels of strength and toughness.

Why Should You Buy It?

The welding device is an excellent choice for adjusting the welding parameters to suit your specific welding needs, including amperage and arc force.

Why Is It Special?

One of the key features of this welding machine is a digital display that allows you to monitor the welding parameters easily. It also provides automatic overheat and over-current protection.

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04. WEGOODLDER 110/220V

Wegoodler 110v stick welding machine

Do you prefer Minimum downtime and reduced production losses in your welding? If so, WEGOODLDER 110/220V appears an excellent choice due to its Ceramic burner.

It also ensures increased mechanical strength, minimal wear, and elevated corrosion resistance.

Besides, the welding tool has an MMA style. It appears more forgiving when welding rusty or dirty materials. You can use it for site and fieldwork.

Whether carbon steel, stainless steel, or other metals, you can utilize this welding tool to get a perfect result.


A functional knob to adjust current effortlessly

An LCD digital display to easily read and monitor the details

Comes with an adjustable shoulder strap to easily carry everywhere

Supports welding rods of 2.5mm to 3.2mm


The user manual could be better

The power cord is relatively shorter than others


The frame of this WEGOODLDER machine is made of durable stainless steel. This makes the unit lightweight and protects the internal components from damage.

Why Should You Buy It?

This option is a perfect pick if you handle different types of welding projects, including stick welding and DC TIG welding. 

Why Is It Special?

The welding device features Anti-deformation to positively affect the dimensional accuracy and improve the welding performance.

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05. YESWELDER ARC Welder 205Amp

Yeswelder 110v stick welder machine

Do you handle a wide range of thicknesses regarding workpieces? If yes, YESWELDER ARC Welder appears to be an ideal selection as it delivers up to 205 amps.

The main advantage of high amperage welder is increased penetration, faster welding speeds, the ability to weld thicker metals, and better heat distribution.

Besides, it is equipped with automatic compensation to protect the welding tool from excessive current & load, and voltage fluctuation.

In addition, the welder has auto-adaptive arc force to reduce electrode sticking in the puddle. Hence, you don’t need to worry about spattering issues.


Compatible to use with 6010, 6011, 6013, and 7018 rods

Precise temperature control to reduce the risk of cold weld cracking

Automatic hot start for improved arc starting, reduced sticking, and consistent results

A compact and lightweight design for easier storage and carry


The positive lead is a bit flimsy or weak

The amp meter could be more accurate


The YESWELDER is made of mainly copper. It is a highly conductive and durable metal, which can ensure a stable and consistent welding arc.

Why Should You Buy It?

This option is great for handling a wide range of welding applications due to its high amperage capacity. You can use it for light-duty repairs to heavy-duty fabrication work.

Why Is It Special?

YESWELDER can show advanced and stable welding performance with its automatic hot start, anti-stick, and arc force control features.

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Can You Stick Weld With 110 Volts?

Can You Stick Weld With 110 Volts

You can stick weld with 110 Volts for up to ¼-inch or more steel metals.

But remember, the metal thickness may limit your welding. You will not get the lower power output of a 110-volt welder like a higher-voltage welder like 240v.

When the thickness is higher, you need to go for several passes.

However, your welding skills and proper preparation before starting the welding will determine how good the welding result will be.

What Can You Weld With A 110v Stick Welder?

A 110v stick welding machine is a good choice for welding stainless steel, mild steel, cast iron, and a few metal materials.

Welders usually use this range of welding devices for welding thin metal sheets, small repairs, light automotive repairs, and artistic & decorative projects

Besides, you can use it on thicker metals to create uniform welding.

A stick welder with higher voltage rating is needed to work on more heavy-duty welding work.

How Many Watts Does A 110 Welder Use?

Wattage is highly involved in the welder’s power consumption or heat energy. 

A 110v stick welder will need at least 2000 watts to weld on regular metals

 But if you want to use it for more heavy-duty welding applications, the wattage requirement should be 5000 to 6000.

It will vary based on the welding machine’s manufacturer’s requirements. The welding device must provide enough watts to arc for an adequate metal transfer.

If your welding machine’s wattage consumption is a bit higher, additional wattage is necessary to weld the item properly.

How To Use 110v Stick welder?

Using a 110v stick welder for any welding job requires following some crucial steps.

  • Step: 01—Preparing The Welding Area  

The first job is cleaning the welding area properly.

Make sure it has a smooth airflow. The surrounding area should be clean and dry.

Don’t forget to wear protective equipment for optimal protection.

  • Step: 02—Choosing The Correct Electrode  

The next task is selecting a perfect electrode.

The metal type and its thickness level will determine this aspect.

However, following the instruction manual is a good rule of thumb.

  • Step: 03— Setting Up The Welder

Plug the welder into a 110v power outlet and switch it on.

Adjusting the amp is necessary. Don’t forget to consider the metal thickness and electrode level.

  • Step: 04— Preparing The Workpiece 

Clean the metal to get rid of any rust, paint, or debris.

Make sure the metal is dry and free of any oils or contaminants.

Otherwise, it will affect the welding.

  • Step: 05— Striking The Weld  

Place the electrode on the top of the workpiece at a 15- to 30-degree angle.

Touch the electrode to the workpiece and pull it away a bit to strike the arch.

Maintain a continuous arc length of about 1/8 inch as you move the electrode along the joint.

  • Step: 06— Making the weld

Use a weaving motion to move the electrode back and forth along the joint, building up a bead of molten metal.

Move slowly enough to allow the metal to cool and solidify between passes.

  • Step: 07— Finishing the weld

When you’ve reached the end of the joint, stop the arc and let the metal cool.

 Use a wire brush to clean any slag from the weld.

What To Consider Buying 110v Stick Welder (Buying Guide)

When choosing a 110v Stick Welder, you don’t want to overlook some crucial aspects so that the machine meets your specific welding needs and preferences.

01. Type Of work being performed

A 110v stick welder is mainly ideal for light-duty welding tasks.

Hence, it will limit the suitability for certain types of welding applications, especially for heavy-duty welding jobs.

You want to consider the type of projects you are going to handle.

02. Input Power Source

You will need an adequate level of input power source for the intended welding task.

If the input power source is less than the requirement, it will result in instability.

You will achieve poor weld quality, or the electrode may stick to the workpiece.

03. Amperage Output

Sufficient amperage is necessary for welding to melt the electrode and complete the welding perfectly.

The amperage output of a 110v Stick Welder typically ranges from around 20 amps to 140 amps, depending on the specific model.

Inappropriate amperage will result in various welding problems, such as incomplete welds, porosity, burn-through, etc.

04. Duty Cycle

A 110v stick welder should neither have too high nor too low dutycycle.

Too low duty cycle will increase the welding time and may lead to overheating if welding exceeds the recommended minutes.

It must have an appropriate duty cycle to avoid poor weld quality, premature failure of the welder, or even safety issues.

05. Transfer

Three types of transfer modes are available for a 110v stick welder: globular, spray, and short circuit.

Before choosing a particular transfer mode, consider electrode type and welding parameters.

But short circuit transfer mode is a good choice for stick welding, especially for thin materials.

06. Control

A stick welder with controlling functions allows you to effortlessly control the amperage, voltage, arc force, hot start, etc.

You will achieve a better arch length and stability.

Also, it allows you effortlessly control the heat output and penetration of the weld.

07. Safety Feature

Safety features are a must for a 110v stick welder to provide overload protection and prevent damage to the machine.

The machine will automatically shut down if it detects an imbalance in the electrical circuit.

08. Versatility

Welders don’t handle only a single-based material, right?

A stick welder must be versatile enough to perform a wide range of welding tasks on different materials and positions.

 09. Cost

The price of a 110v stick welder can be as low as $100 to $200.

But medium and high-end options will cost around $300 to $1,000 or more.

 It will depend on their features, portability, amperage output, duty cycle, and brand.

10. Warranty

The warranty of a 110v stick welder can be anywhere from 2 to 5 years or more.

Buying a stick welder with a long-lasting warranty will provide peace of mind and protect your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I weld aluminum with 110V?

You need higher amperage for welding aluminum. It might be okay to use 110V for welding thinner aluminum. But thicker aluminum needs more amperage output for better results.

What metals can be stick welded?

You can use steel, iron, aluminum, Stainless steel, copper, and nickel for stick welding.

Can aluminum be stick welded?

Using stick welding for aluminum is okay but a bit complex and messy. You want to be more cautious during stick welding. 

Wrapping UP

Which option appears to be the best 110v stick welder for you? The Versatility and portability of the stick welder make it a perfect choice for basic repairs, fabrication, and DIY projects.

Besides, it requires less maintenance and has lower operating costs. They can be a great option to consider if you have a strict budget.

However, consider all important aspects before choosing a particular option to get the best bang. Hopefully, you got some useful information to select a good stick welder.

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