How Do Auto-Darkening Welding Helmets Work – Guideline in 2021

An auto-darkening welding helmet is part and parcel of the welding profession. A welder must take care of his safety. A minor safety breaking can do huge harm to him. When it is a matter of safety, welding a helmet is the first priority. You need to wear the best helmet to avoid any trouble.

While you’re thinking of a helmet, auto-darkening welding should be the first choice. It has become the most popular helmet amongst all the helmets nowadays. But you have to know the process of its working.

In this article, I will describe how an auto-darkening welding helmet works. I hope you will get all the necessary information if you read this content till the end.

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Features of Auto-darkening Welding Helmet:

As a welder, you must know the features of a helmet. It is an important matter for getting a good helmet. Let’s take a look at the features;

  • Fast response time.
  • Simple and liteweight.
  • Suitable setting system.
  • Len’s sizes.
  • ARC sensors.
  • Area of Viewing.
  • Control of the function.
  • Perfect sensibility.
  • Source of power.
  • Comfortness.

Prime Elements Of Helmet:

At this stage, I will share the prime elements of an auto-darkening welding helmet. You must know these elements.

Lens : It is the best part of a welding helmet. You need to have the exact knowledge about the lens. It will help your eyes to protect from harmful arc and UV rays.

Sensibility Controls : Sensibility is very important. You will get two types of sensibility control. Digital & Analog.

Sensors : You will get two or four sensors in a helmet.

Batteries : You have to choose the best battery that will provide you a long-time backup.

How Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Works:

An auto-darkening helmet uses advanced technology. It has various parts which provide different services.

First of all, it has a lens. The lens will protect you from all types of arc and ultra violate rays. So, you must wear it while welding.

The sensor will help you to detect the power of arc and heat conditions. It will service a quick response for anything.

It has batteries which work as a power source of this helmet. You will get enough working power from the battery.

Safety Measures You Should Take:

  • Safety checking.
  • Check shades.
  • Battery checking.
  • Test the lens.
  • Examine the comfort level.
  • Celan the working zone.


How does an auto-darkening helmet work?

When the welding lens is switched off, the liquid crystals between the polarising filters bend the polarised light 90 degrees.

How do I know if my auto-darkening welding helmet is working?

You can test to see if a helmet works, both passive and auto-darkening, by looking at the sun outside. This is often a better gauge for the quality of an auto-darkening helmet than any other test.

How dark should my welding helmet be?

Both ANSI and AWS are more cautious, recommending a shade number 11 for welding at 60-160 amps, a number 12 for 160-250 amps, and a number 14 for 250-500 amps.

The Bottom Lines:

So, we get all the information about an auto-darkening welding helmet. I try to cover the proper guideline for you in this article.

If you find my content helpful, let me know in the comment section. If there any question, ask them in the comment box. I will try to help you as soon as possible. Share this content with your friends who are looking for this kind of article. I hope this article will help you in your welding profession.

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