How to Replace Rocker Panels without Welding

Are you worried about your car’s rocker panel? Is it rusty? Or has it been severely damaged? All of these problems can cause damage to the entire body of the car. So to save the car from damage, you wanted to know the process of how to replace rocker panels without welding. 

Since we know that adding a new rocker panel will extend the life of your car and even make it last longer on the road, it is essential to replace the rocker panel as soon as possible before any damage is done.  

So, in today’s article, we will cover the process of how this rocker panel replacement can be done without a welder. So, let’s find out what rocker panels do, why they need to be replaced, and the authentic ways to replace them.

Rocker Panel Replacement

Before replacing the rocker panel, we need to know some information about it since you have done rocker-panel replacement work by welding so far.  

That’s why you need to know some more accurate info that will make your replacement work easier. So, first, you need to know where the rocker panel is located, how important it is to be required for the car.  

Later you will know some more necessary things, including how to replace without welding.

What are Rocker Panels

First of all, let’s see what the rocker panel does. Rocker panels are an integral part of anybody’s structure for any vehicle.

However, it is a piece of stamped steel that is usually placed under the door between the front and rear wheels. These rocker panels help prevent the car from bending in the event of an accident on the way.

Importance of Rocker Panel 

As we know, the rocker panel is an integral part of any vehicle. It provides extra strength to help the car operate better. Also, the rocker panel helps to keep your car cabin intact during an accident.  

Generally, the rocker panel protects a car from being broken or damaged during an accident. Further, rocker panels on other off-road vehicles and trucks serve as a good move for drivers to enable them to climb to significant heights.  

In short, rocker panels play a significant role in the operation and protection of any vehicle.

Why Replace Rocker Panel 

There are many benefits to the vehicle due to the rocker panel, so it must maintain adequately. However, to protect it from various types of damage and collisions, you must first know why the rocker panel can be damaged.  

Typically, rocker panel damage is caused by several factors, including: 

Rusted Rocker Panel

If you use the car for a long time in your daily work, the rocker panel is rusted due to sunlight, road abrasive chemicals. So even if its color is lost, also rust can occur. 

Impact from Accident

Usually, your rocker panel is damaged as a result of an accident or car collision. And as the panel is damaged, the car is also in the face of a collision.  

Causes of Rock, Water

Water can damage the rocker panels of your car while driving on muddy dirt roads. On the other hand, the rocker panels are also damaged when driving on the road with stones due to the rubbing work.  

If your rocker panel is damaged for any of the reasons described above, you should decide to replace it immediately.

Types of Replacing Rocker Panel 

Since you have decided to replace your rocker panel but don’t know how to do it, let’s find out. The rocker panel can replace in two ways.  

And, between these two types of the replacement process, the replacement process that will be right for you depends on how worn out your car’s rocker panel is and how much it has been damaged. So then you understand that there is a difference between the two processes.  

So let’s dive down to learn about the two processes:

Welded Rocker Panel

The first of the two processes is the welding rocker panel. Simply put, this replacement process is used in cars. 

However, this method replaces the rocker panel when the rocker panel of your car is completely damaged and rusted. In this case, the whole panel has to be cut and replaced with a new panel. 

Slip-on Rocker Panel

The second replacement process is slip-on rocker panels. You can use this replacement if your car panel is slightly damaged. 

But, this means that if any edge of the rocker panel is rusted or damaged, you can replace it with this slip-on method. But, first, the panel needs to be replaced with an adhesive to cover the damaged area quickly.

Tools Required for Replacement of Rocker Panel 

We need to know about the tools used in the process before the replacement. It is not possible to complete the replacement process thoroughly without proper equipment and proper guidelines.  

And, these essential tools are used to replace rocker panels in any of your vehicles. Since we want permanent replacement results, today, we will learn to replace rocker panels without welding.  

In addition, this means we will learn about slip-on replacement. The tools used are:

  1. Leather Gloves: Using these gloves, you can protect your hands from various wounds. 
  2. Glue: An adhesive material means the glue is used to attach the rocker panel to the car.
  3. Hammer: The hammer is usually used to break the rusted parts of the panel.  
  4. Angle Grinder: Angle grinder is used to smoothly replace the damage to the edges of the rocker panel where rust occurs.
  5.  Electric Drill: This electric drill is used to make holes in rocker panels.
  6. Anti-rust agent: This rust-resistant agent prevents rust on the rocker panel from spreading to other parts of the car. 
  7. Wire Brush: This wire brush removes rust and exposes the hollow metal around the rocker panel.

how to replace rocker panels without welding

After collecting the above tools, let’s follow the process below to know the process entirely. You are about to change the rocker panel for the first time, but it will not be easy for you.  

So with that in mind, we will guide the process step-by-step so that you can easily understand.

Step-1: Cut off the old metal

Among all the steps, the first step is to cut the metal from your old rocker panel. Next, with the help of an angle grinder, cut the parts that are rusted or damaged.  

When cutting the affected parts, you need to ensure that no affected part is left during the cutting.

Step- 2: Remove all the rusty parts

After cutting the old metal, check the surrounding parts, including where the rocker panel is located. If there is rust, discard all rust. You can use a hammer to throw away these pepper parts.

Step-3: Scrap away all the paint 

In addition, remove all the damaged parts of the rocker panel and places where paint gets damaged or torn, and the paint or rust has just started.

Step-4: Make the Edges Smooth

Before removing all the affected parts and replacing the new rocker panel, smooth out the edges by removing the rust well on all the panel edges using an angle grinder.

Step-5: Apply an Anti-Rust Agent 

Apply a rust-resistant agent after smoothing all the edges of the rocker. So that the rocker panel stops rusting as well as protects other parts of your car. 

Step-6: Create the Hole Space

After that, mark the gaps. Usually, one hole is enough for 2 inches. The size of this hole will then depend on the shape of the rocker panel.

Step-7: Drill the Marked Hole  

Now drill the marked holes. When drilling, be sure to check the location of the hole and rocker panel. Then drill the holes properly.

Step-8: Use Angle Grinder Again

Smooth the edges of the hole with the help of Angle Grinder so that the new rocker panel fits appropriately. 

Step-9: Apply Adhesive Material

Next, apply adhesive material or glue properly to the panel after smoothing the edges. And also, apply the material to each hole from the middle to the edge.  

Now, your replacement work is complete. Hopefully, after reading the steps, you can happily replace the rocker panel. You may also learn the process of installing a rocker panel without welding.

Final Thoughts

After reading the exact replacement of the rocker panel in the whole article, from now on, whenever you feel the need to replace it, you can easily do rocker-panel replacement by following the steps given in the article.

Hopefully, after overviewing the above steps, you can easily understand how to replace the rocker panel without welding. You will now be able to replace the car rocker-panel yourself.  

Since rust falls very quickly, you should always pay attention to the rocker panel in your car so that you can replace it as soon as you need it. Otherwise, rust or damaged parts will slowly cripple your car.

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